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Please visit Entering the Garden and discover what are our sustaining roots. You may only apply with us if you agree and consent to our Community Vision and Purpose and Ethos and Ethical Guidelines.

The registration includes writing a letter of application in which you sincerely tell us why you wish to join.

Ethos and Ethical Guidelines

Our community recognizes what is proper and what not.

Ethos and Ethical Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in this forum.

Would you like to become one of us? Then it's mandatory that you read, fully understand, accept the informal ethical guidelines below, so that you understand what is the driving spirit of this community.

Salient points outlining our community ethos:

1) Sharing personal experiences and having falsifiable rational arguments is highly appreciated. Pointless speculation, conspiracy theories, or outlandish fringe materials failing these conditions are not wanted.

2) Agnostic and open for many types of beliefs, but very critical of selfish and narcissistic behavior. Endorsing such is forbidden: this especially concerns identity politics which is a mire of endless conflicts.

3) Gentleness and moderation are good virtues to live up to, both in the heart and in the external conduct, but we don't wish to pander to overtly sensitive and self-conscious folks who may find anything offensive. Thoughtful arguments and silly insults are allowed when examining people's behavior and social mores, but civility requires that no harassment and targeting is followed up. Once you have made your point in a controversial matter, it's expected that the issue remains completely in the past and isn't brought up again. Outright character assassinations are forbidden. No implied or actually violent messages or threats are allowed either.

4) Peace and healing are our fundamental values. However, this is not the place to get support for your life issues, whether they are medical, legal, mundane, or otherworldly.

5) Discernment is highly valued and dissidence tolerated, but overt discrimination refused.

6) Everyone has a valuable voice, but don't put yourself or your pet causes on a pedestal.

7) Fun is encouraged, but not at the cost of losing severity to the sacred and good works therein.

8) Honesty and integrity is always expected: just be your natural self and at ease. Please don't breach the trust and the goodwill.

9) Our paradigm is doing personal practice and having good quality technical discussion instead of entertaining a chatty social environment with sloppily written opinions which have no archival value for future reference. Please understand that this place doesn't offer any "general discussion" area, social media connections, nor fondness of instant messaging writing style for this very reason.

10) Sharing your mind here requires that you own the moral and legal rights, including copyrights and other immaterial rights, to the content you contribute. Only participate if you are comfortable that your writing stays online indefinitely and are aware that we are unlikely to remove content upon request.

11) Good things are worth of giving good in return, and it isn't virtuous to cheapen the good. Unlicensed commercial activity and promotion is forbidden, and haggling and begging are forbidden by extension.

12) Altruism and genuine care for others are timeless virtues, but compassion needs to be checked with wisdom. Some people can't be helped, and some are unable to give fitting help. Aspire to be aware of your own inexperience, limitations, and blind spots when giving advice, and don't overestimate your capability to give helpful advice under any circumstance.

13) Understanding the possibility of abuse is important, but this site is not a platform for resolving these or other ongoing personal conflicts. If you wish to share your personal abuse experiences, then please adjust your writing with enough anonymity, so that neither you nor any other party can be confidently recognized. Even bad situations can be turned into learning opportunities, and we would rather learn about how you bounced back and grew as a person than spend time bickering how awful someone else may have been.

14) All content is subject to curation and expected to be of superior quality that stands time and changing trends. This quality check also extends to all sources which are referenced in articles and ordinary messages, and we really expect that our users only refer to trustworthy and reputable sources to back their claims. If something is worth discussing, then there surely must exist better takes on the matter than what aggressive marketing sites and controversial "alternative health" platforms may have for say, for example.

15) We greatly value accurate discernment over what is beneficial and what harmful. To facilitate quick learning, we have declared a total ban for any and all uncritical positive appraisal of certain organizations, teachers, and their practices. Please review the discussion thread titled "List of BANNED Teachers and Practices" and make sure to comply with the requirements and further references given in the thread's initial post before participating in any discussion.

Why are the ethical guidelines important to follow? We want you to understand that we offer you membership without any monetary charge, but we instead ask you to return this kindness in lasting goodwill and respect for your fellow practitioners in exchange. Therefore, these guidelines are not supposed to be a mere litany of "don't do these", but highlighting a community ethos in the positive sense.

Failing to adhere to the community ethos may result in verbal discouragements or actual sanction(s) that will limit your ability to use this discussion forum. Supervision and discernment will always be on the side of the staff, hence we are not too fond of lining out exact jurisprudence. This list can be amended at any time so please be sure to keep vigil for possible changes.