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  1. Roots of Virtue

    feedback Repurposing the Alchemical Garden Forum

    I recently realized that the biggest issue with the forum is that we don't talk nor emphasize enough about altruistic love and compassion. I know some of us like to act as tough guys of some measure, but I strongly suspect everyone can cope with...
  2. Roots of Virtue

    instructions The Main Ingredient is Love

    The Main Ingredient is Love Are there secrets in qigong training and other internal skills? Yes and no. Altruistic love certainly seems to be under-emphasized in the market talk about qigong and its benefits. The bedrock of civilized culture is in the love for others, but somehow our day and age...
  3. Roots of Virtue

    group study Flying Phoenix 2023 Thread

    The Flying Phoenix subforum is a wrong place to inquire about this topic because it has nothing to do with the teachings of Sifu Terry Dunn. I haven't seen any evidence that Sifu Terry would personally know any Shaolin Wahnam instructor or have any taste of what they practice, therefore I doubt...
  4. Roots of Virtue

    feedback Repurposing the Alchemical Garden Forum

    I'm first announcing here a quick update that I recently made some arrangements to the board structure and content. There might be more changes as I see fit, and I don't feel like done yet. The most important underdeveloped asset would be to teach wisdom more systematically. The caution with...
  5. Roots of Virtue

    group study Relaxation Qigong and Sleeping Qigong

    Thank you for sharing about your experience. It's great to see that people get actual results, although you have only begun the training. When I first met with this teaching and received oral instructions from Sifu John, I felt it very strongly that it was a very special opportunity, an...
  6. Roots of Virtue

    feedback Repurposing the Alchemical Garden Forum

    Is Alchemical Garden Useful to Anyone? How Is This Verified? This is the topic I have been wondering about. I have not reached any solid conclusions yet. I invite our members to take part now if you want your voice to be heard. Please don't take granted that this forum will continue as you...
  7. Roots of Virtue

    group study Learning from Mistakes with Teachers

    Learning from Mistakes with Teachers View: Thulsa Doom: "Look at the strength of your body, the desire in your heart. I gave you this!" For those of gentle, childish, and uncultivated attitudes, please read the article as satire as not to hurt your precious...
  8. Roots of Virtue

    essay Caution Against Fragmented Teachings and Incomplete Training

    Somewhat oddly, I'm going to point out to Sifu John Dolic who is one of our invited teachers as an example. He knows many qigong styles and teaches a reasonably wide selection of them publicly to expediently suit different needs people may have: weight loss, vision and eye sight, cancer, faqi, a...
  9. Roots of Virtue

    essay Caution Against Fragmented Teachings and Incomplete Training

    Caution Against Fragmented Teachings and Incomplete Training All the proper spiritual traditions originating with realized masters have been given out as complete paths of their respective philosophies and aims, and the fruits of practice are validated through successive generations of disciples...
  10. Roots of Virtue

    news The Public Square is Open to Members Now

    From the ashes of The Scamgong Bulletin rises another forum branch: The Public Square. It's open to all our registered members. The purpose of the Public Square is to house discussion about specific teachers and teachings which aren't invited by us. The unregistered viewers are ironically left...
  11. Roots of Virtue

    announcements How to Discuss Teachers and Teachings Properly

    How to Discuss Teachers and Teachings Properly First, let's consider some questions related to this topic. Please review these after you have read the article and examine if your perception or attitude has changed. Am I motivated to understand better? If not, then what makes me a student? Do I...
  12. Roots of Virtue

    group study Anger and Its Antidote: Patience

    Anger and Its Antidote: Patience Here we post articles highlighting how dangerous plain anger is for both aspiring cultivators and accomplished yogis. Community discussion about developing patience and avoiding anger should be had in another thread which doesn't exist as of yet but will be...
  13. Roots of Virtue

    feedback How to Train Wiser, Not Harder

    Entry-level Wisdom Wisdom training has many takes, but speaking from personal experience, I would say that the most important entry-level insight is that discerning wisdom of conditioned existence is both simple and direct. Riddles and sagely advice always carry this implicit understanding and...
  14. Roots of Virtue

    journal Pak_Satrio's Flying Phoenix Practice Journal

    You are beginning to exhibit so much of the cool factor now that I wish I could pet your head. Keep it up, qigonger!
  15. Roots of Virtue

    feedback How to Train Wiser, Not Harder

    On Economy and Efficiency The Tibetan Buddhists have a simple demeanor when someone contacts them by letter and it's not interesting or relevant to them: they ignore it and typically don't respond anything. It's their way of saying "We have no business with you." They are economical with...
  16. Roots of Virtue

    essay Reversing Global Warming

    The issue with global warming as an academic theory has always been that it's the least tangible environmental issue for the common person. The climate mechanisms and the consequences of our pollution have been difficult to prove correct because the onset of warming has been relatively slow to...
  17. Roots of Virtue

    group study Flying Phoenix 2023 Thread

    View: Sifu Terry has produced a new video featuring 12 of the 24 Monk Serves Wine seated meditations in the Flying Phoenix Qigong system. This video also features a seated meditation from the related San Gong meditation system and excerpts from past...
  18. Roots of Virtue

    group study Teachings about Love and Altruism

    Teachings about Love and Altruism Here we share what teachers and sages have said or written about love. Love is good nourishment and moisture for any person's life, but being skillful with it is another matter. This is what we want to understand here. The Western people often idealize romantic...
  19. Roots of Virtue

    feedback A Reminder: Sensations Do Not Indicate Progress

    Reliable and Unreliable Signs of Good Qigong and Internal Kungfu Practice What I'm about to say might sound shocking to some: Judging an internal training style by how "uplifting" or stimulated it makes you feel is misleading and potentially dangerous. Instead of relying on arbitrary feelings...