Alchemical Garden Forum

Please visit Entering the Garden and discover what are our sustaining roots. You may only apply with us if you agree and consent to our Community Vision and Purpose and Ethos and Ethical Guidelines.

The registration includes writing a letter of application in which you sincerely tell us why you wish to join.

Entering the Garden

A well-tended and pleasant garden doesn't happen on its own! Here we lay out all the essential information about what sustains this site and makes up its individual flavor.

Behaving in accordance to our community standards is required of all members. Read on and study these pages in order to understand what is expected from both fresh applicants and seasoned seniors alike.

Community Vision and Purpose

Why are we around and what do we offer?

Ethos and Ethical Guidelines

Our community recognizes what is proper and what not.

Questions & Answers

A reminder: It's not that there sometimes are stupid questions, but that insincerity and unwillingness to learn may make inquiring entirely fruitless.

School Etiquette

Good discussion refines us human beings, and therefore we strive to be mindful what is good and what bad for communication.

Curating Content

Well cared content is easy to digest and it preserves good value because it offers timeless insights.

Staff & Teachers

Meet the staff members who maintain the board and our invited teachers who have kindly agreed to join us.