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awareness (emptiness)

  1. Roots of Virtue

    group study Drikung Kagyü Regular Teachings and Special Events

    This thread is reserved for promoting regular teachings and special events in the Drikung Kagyu tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism. First of all, please see our main thread about the Drikung Kagyu: You may also share about your relevant experiences...
  2. Roots of Virtue

    group study Drikung Kagyü School of Vajrayana Buddhism

    Drikung Kagyu is a lineage within the Kagyu school of Vajrayana Buddhism. It was founded by the Buddha Jigten Sumgön. For promoting Drikung Kagyu courses, please use the following thread instead: This post will be expanded in the future.
  3. Roots of Virtue

    instructions Practice Rinzai Zen with Meido Moore Roshi

    Practice Rinzai Zen with Meido Moore Roshi The Teacher Meido Moore is the abbot of Korinji, a Rinzai Zen Buddhist monastery in Wisconsin, and guiding teacher of the international Korinji Rinzai Zen Community. He is the author of The Rinzai Zen Way: A Guide to Practice and Hidden Zen: Practices...
  4. Roots of Virtue

    instructions Stillness-Movement Neigong

    Stillness-Movement Neigong From what I have read, Stillness-Movement is a comprehensive and deeply integrated system of Chinese internal skills that has found a solid foothold in the West. The head teacher and the current lineage keeper Michael Lomax studied extensively with his master Wang...
  5. Roots of Virtue

    group study Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra

    Vimalakīrti Nirdeśa Sūtra is an ancient and influential Mahayana Buddhist text that chiefly discusses non-duality and the illusory nature of phenomena. I'm excerpting below the second chapter which is the shortest, but I highly recommend that you read the rest of the sutra text also. 2...
  6. Roots of Virtue

    group study Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch, Hui Neng

    About the The Platform Sutra The T'an Ching, or Platform Sutra, has been a volume of immense popularity among the Ch'an Buddhists of East Asia for many centuries. Purported to be the teaching of the Sixth Patriarch of the Southern School of Ch'an, it has achieved the highest status possible for...
  7. Roots of Virtue

    group study Practical Mindfulness and Meditation by Western Dharma Teachers

    Buddha Dharma hasn't had more cultural visibility than a casual curiosity in most of the Western communities and the time of exposure has been relatively brief, but many Western meditation teachers have already gained substantial experience and wisdom to be recognized as capable Dharma teachers...
  8. Roots of Virtue

    group study Buddhist Wisdom from Tantra and Dzogchen Perspectives

    Buddhist Wisdom from Tantra and Dzogchen Perspectives Here we go another stretch along the wisdom road. We are joined by the insightful commentaries of various Buddhist tantra and Dzogchen (Atiyoga) practitioners, mostly of different Vajrayana schools and maybe some Bön also. Expect to find...
  9. Roots of Virtue

    essay Generosity as the Perfection of Virtue and Wisdom

    Generosity as the Perfection of Virtue and Wisdom Q: When you said that wisdom is the function, what did you mean by wisdom? A: The knowledge that by realizing the void-ness of all opposites, deliverance is assured and that, without this realization, you will never gain deliverance. This is...
  10. Roots of Virtue

    group study Zen (Ch'an) Buddhism: Practices, Teachings, and Commentaries

    Zen (Ch'an) Buddhism: Practices, Teachings, and Commentaries Zen or Ch'an is an evergreen topic on spiritual discussions that touch Oriental cultural themes. The reason is because Ch'an decisively affected the cultural development of China, Japan, and Korea when it was the chief cultural import...
  11. Roots of Virtue

    announcements Preliminaries of Buddhist Practice

    Preliminaries of Buddhist Practice Buddha Dharma is a big motivation for why this board was founded. It's therefore prudent that we go over some rudimentary recommendations and take everyone though what are the minimal preliminaries for entering the Buddhist practice. This also acts as a...
  12. moment

    feedback We See Mastery Through Seamless Application

    I see the mechanics behind the illusion; many do. How you weave that, into the everyday social events, seamlessly, lovingly, is the work of the greatest of Masters.
  13. Roots of Virtue

    essay Understanding

    Understanding Questions are endless, and answers are inexhaustible: if it’s a matter of curing illness, it doesn’t take a donkey load of medicine. What does that mean? When sages of yore passed on a word or half a phrase, it was something they did only because they had no other choice. If you...
  14. Roots of Virtue

    question Unfinished Spiritual Journey and Death

    Unfinished Spiritual Journey and Death Good questions. It will come to facing bardo states. They are dreamlike states between one life and another, which is why training yogic dreaming and sleep is very important: they allow relevant experience and awareness to develop. Everything is like a...