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folk medicine

  1. Roots of Virtue

    group study Waigong or External Skill

    Waigong or External Skill We have a lot of discussion about Neigong or internal skill on this forum and it is for a good reason: Internal development always is holistic, thus its subtle benefits nourish every aspect of our being. What might be less known in the West is the complementary sister...
  2. Roots of Virtue

    group study Food and Eating According to Traditional Medicine Paradigms

    The major traditional medicine paradigms in both India and China posit that our foods, like the entire universe, embody some immaterial properties connected to metaphysical primal elements. The ancient Greek philosophers and medicine practitioners also knew a theory of four bodily humors that...
  3. Toni

    question Grounding and Earthing

    I would like to ask something. As of lately I have been doing some research in the fields of biology and medicine. One thing that called my attention was grounding/earthing. It seems there is a good amount of studies saying that going barefoot in nature is very good for your body, as you get...
  4. Corvus

    group study Herbal first aid

    Here are three plants you can easily grow in your home garden that work well, especially if you live in an area not close to medical treatment - like I do . Most probably realize the benefits of aloe vera, and its use as a burn treatment . here is something you may not know (all observations...