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  1. Earl Grey

    essay Mind Games and Xin Yi: How Chess and Other Intellectual Games Influence Your Martial Skill

    It is no surprise that whatever you experience in your life is what you bring into your internal arts practice, just like your internal arts will seep into your life. This was something I noticed when I started going back to practice some of my favorite games such as Chess, Xiangqi, Shōgi, Go...
  2. Roots of Virtue

    creativity Biweekly Alchemical Garden Video Conferencing

    We will start hosting a biweekly video conferences for Alchemical Garden users. Come say hello and get to know the people behind silly user names! Our discussion is completely informal and practically everything goes. Users who wish to participate in the conferences should reply to this topic...
  3. lotusofpeace

    creativity An invitation to share haikus

    Here's sharing one that came to me, Inevitably I drown in your certainty. Submerged, but alive. -rc
  4. Earl Grey

    group study Mixing it up between styles and rulesets when sparring

    Yesterday, I had a friendly session using karate rules with a Kyoukushin-kai and a Balkans grappler friend. One thing that I love about Xin Yi is that we are not religious about sticking to one form of training, and don't adhere to any rules in combat. When training, we respect the ruleset of...
  5. Roots of Virtue

    group study Exceptionally Bad Martial Arts Demonstrations

    Let's have a video thread for exceptionally bad martial videos that chiefly have unintentional humor value. View: This guy is embarrassingly bad and also gives plain hazardous advice. Wrists simply are too frail to be used as direct hitting parts...
  6. creativity If Cultivation Skills Were Character Sheet Stats...

    Ting 1) listening with your ears 2) listening with your heart 3) listening with your breath Structure 0) stretch and create ease in the body 1) line up the bones 2) open the joints 3) muscles hang off bones 4) connection to the floor 5) maintain structure while moving Connection (through sung)...
  7. Roots of Virtue

    creativity Pop Culture Commentary

    Did you see an image or video originating from the popular culture mindset that made you think or laugh out loud recently? This is where you can post it with smart comments. No hit and run messages are allowed! The problem as I see would be that pop culture often cheapens modest traditional...
  8. Earl Grey

    creativity Short Videos to Check out Thread

    This thread is for videos worth checking out. I think a great way to start is this video on being Ultra Spiritual! Keep in mind that while the creator in the video has some funny insights, over the past couple years, he has become a weirdo who actually is a life coach with New Age tendencies...