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literary arts

  1. Roots of Virtue

    group study Oriental Poetry and Calligraphy as the Language of the Heart and Spirit

    Oriental Poetry and Calligraphy as the Language of the Heart and Spirit If there is one distinguishing cultural feature that stands out in Oriental cultures, it's their sophistication with poetry and calligraphy. These two are often married together because the pictogram language and the...
  2. Roots of Virtue

    group study How Is Pop Culture Seeing Spiritual Practice and Spiritual Topics?

    Let's discuss how pop culture is actively catalyzing the dissemination spiritual themes across civilizations and what is this pollination's impact on people's personal views. Popular culture is created for mass appeal and consumption. It appropriates everything that can be grasped in...
  3. lotusofpeace

    creativity An invitation to share haikus

    Here's sharing one that came to me, Inevitably I drown in your certainty. Submerged, but alive. -rc
  4. Roots of Virtue

    group study Commentary on Pop Culture

    Did you see an image or video originating from the popular culture mindset that made you think or laugh out loud recently? This is where you can post it with smart comments. No hit and run messages are allowed! The problem as I see would be that pop culture often cheapens modest traditional...