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  1. Roots of Virtue

    instructions Dharani and Sutra Recitation for Practitioners

    Dharani and Sutra Recitation for Practitioners Here we share Mahayana Buddhist dharani and sutra texts that should be helpful for all wisdom seekers and practitioners of internal training. By dharani we mean any spiritually transformative piece of Buddhist speech or text which, unlike mantra...
  2. Pak_Satrio

    feedback khuf's Past Training and Assorted Advice

    Hey @khuf, how long have you been doing FP? Would be good to hear your experiences from it. I recently read through @Earl Grey journal and noticed a lot of similarities with my own practices.
  3. Roots of Virtue

    instructions Vajra Armor Mantra Course at P'hurba T'hinley Ling Retreat Center

    Vajra Armor Mantra Course At P'hurba T’hinley Ling Retreat Center The Vajra Armor Mantra was first introduced into Tibet in the eighth century by Padmasambhava, who had collected various teachings and practices on this mantra from the ancient Indian Buddhist tradition. After teaching his close...
  4. Roots of Virtue

    group study Mantras in Practice and as Spiritual Technology

    Mantras in Practice and as Spiritual Technology This thread serves as the general meeting place and resource for discussing mantra practice in its breadth and depth, excluding the option that some specific individual mantras might deserve their own thread. Your experiences, teachers, and...
  5. Roots of Virtue

    group study Pure Land Buddhism and Deity Yoga Tantra

    Pure Land Buddhism and Deity Yoga Tantra Pure Land Buddhism is often referred to as the most simple way to enter the Mahayana Buddha Dharma and is considered to be a way of other power where salvation comes outside of the practitioner. Mindfulness of the Buddha, name of the Buddha, specific...
  6. Roots of Virtue

    group study Esoteric Practices in Mahayana Buddhist Sutras

    Esoteric Practices in Mahayana Buddhist Sutras Let's have a group study about assorted Mahayana Buddhist Sutras and esoteric practices explicitly therein. First, look through the Preliminaries of Buddhist Practice thread and make sure that you understand what is the starting point for this...