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  1. Corvus

    essay A Clash of Cultures - Law Vs Law .

    " Discovering how virtues in fearlessness, non-attachment, and awareness show the truth. " Yes, this looks like the place for this ; Background: I have a friend , a full blood , very traditional , 'Clever Man' and 'Culture Man' Aussie Aboriginal. That means he is an accomplished man in...
  2. Roots of Virtue

    news Please Be Excited: A Brand New Forum Branch that Absolutely Nobody Asked for!

    For our most esteemed readers, I hereby offer you the newest forum branch called Energy and Evidence: The name is tentative and may change at some point, but it's aptly descriptive of what it is about: Giving a basic idea about various...
  3. Roots of Virtue

    group study Prayers and Praying

    Introduction to Prayers and Praying Prayers are used in many world traditions, but especially in Mahayana Buddhism and in Abrahamic religions as an essential part of everyone's regular practice. The concept of prayer is simple: The practitioner appeals to the power of goodness and asks for...
  4. Roots of Virtue

    group study Blaming and Seeing Faults in Others Is Harmful

    Blaming and Seeing Faults in Others Is Harmful Anyone interested in self-transformation and real spiritual progress should understand that blaming others and seeing faults are harmful for one's own character and health. These divisional projections entirely, yet perhaps subtly or deceptively...
  5. Roots of Virtue

    group study How Spiritual Practitioners Deal with Hardships Shows Their Real Progress

    How Spiritual Practitioners Deal with Hardships Shows Their Real Progress Despite How Well You Progress in Internal Training, Hardships Remain a Fact Many people seem to have the impression that spiritual training should in fact make life easier. This can be possible if one's scope is within the...
  6. Roots of Virtue

    group study Hilarious Folk Stories and Stories About Fools

    Hilarious Folk Stories and Stories About Fools Sharing stories is good entertainment for everyone, but everyone likes even more when the stories are hilarious! Here we gather various hilarious folk stories and stories about fools around the world. Remember to include sources if it's not too...
  7. Earl Grey

    essay Meditation and Psychosis: A Colorful Commentary on Miguel Farias

    Here is a gem which Sifu Terry wrote in 2016. It is a colorful commentary on Miguel Farias and his book on meditation and psychoses. I came across this article interviewing this Oxford-educated researcher on meditation who has written a book titled, "The Buddha Pill: Can Meditation Change...
  8. Roots of Virtue

    news Casual Discussion in Its Proper Place

    Today I was approached in private and asked to "allow shitposting." I found it a very amusing way of phrasing a desire, but the apparent concern was that I impose too strict standards on curating content and this stifles the organic board culture. What this person seems to have missed is that...
  9. Roots of Virtue

    group study Misuse and Appropriation of Spiritual Labels to Encourage Greed

    Misuse and Appropriation of Spiritual Labels to Encourage Greed Every so often we can see how spiritual labels are turned against their original aspirations: The search of true reality and its unconditional happiness becomes subverted for earthly ideals that lead away from these. In particular...
  10. Neirong

    group study Personality Cults

    Elon Musk, a genius inventor, engineer, progressor, Iron Man, and savior of humanity? What the media leads us and masses to believe, is that Elon Musk founds companies himself to help Earth and Humanity to colonize Mars, to get over the energy crisis, to make our ecology cleaner via "green"...
  11. Earl Grey

    group study Ancient Masters Podcast

    Our very own @God S has started a new podcast, with a couple episodes here on YouTube already. Supporting his and his co-teacher's work, we at AG would like to share the start of a new exciting project in its fledgling stage. Here are the first two episodes released. Feel free to comment...
  12. Roots of Virtue

    essay Wanting Direct Taste and Independence As Measures of Spiritual Growth

    Wanting Direct Taste and Independence As Measures of Spiritual Growth Why do we need spiritual teachers? It's a good question because real wisdom comes through the direct taste of experiences and personal effort. Intermediate agencies like personal biases and clinging to formalities could easily...
  13. Roots of Virtue

    feedback Repurposing the Alchemical Garden Forum

    Repurposing the Alchemical Garden Forum The first year of this forum's existence is closing in and it's timely to have some thoughts about the Alchemical Garten Forum future. If we look at how other discussion forums operate, The Dao Bums works well because it allows good practices to exist...
  14. Roots of Virtue

    essay Fear of Missing out: A Marketing Ploy to Monetize Spiritual Cultivation

    Fear of Missing out: A Marketing Ploy to Monetize Spiritual Cultivation There are many violent ways to control and entrap unwary people, but often times it can literally pay back in saved time and money if you pay attention early whether there are subtle mechanisms of manipulation that heighten...
  15. Roots of Virtue

    group study Hormones, Environmental Chemicalization, and Yogic Health

    There is a lot to discuss about hormones. Not only are they essential to maintaining healthy homeostasis in the physical body, they also represent the important nourishing quality close to the primordial water element. Steroid hormones are effective because they are small lipophilic...
  16. Roots of Virtue

    essay Real Healer Saints and Communication with Angels? Hah!

    Real Healer Saints and Communication with Angels? Hah! In the past years there has been a somewhat universal Western trend that some people seek personal connection with what they imagine as divine and come up with practical approaches which could accurately be described as a genre of...
  17. Roots of Virtue

    group study Feng Shui and Sache

    I'll write an introduction to Chinese Feng Shui and Tibetan Sache later. Both are arts dedicated to understanding the environmental energies and their effects on human dwellings. Geomancy as a particular form of divination that has close ties to understanding how earth and water interact in the...
  18. Roots of Virtue

    feedback Discussion about Forum Policies: Breach of Conduct and Moderation Response

    Discussion about Forum Policies: Breach of Conduct and Moderation Response This thread is for showcasing the disregard and abuse of Alchemical Garden Forum policies. This also is the place for voicing discontent over how moderation is done.
  19. Roots of Virtue

    group study Modern Nutritional and Dietary Research, Including Unproven 'Fad' Diets Branching from the Food and Eating According to Traditional Medicine Paradigms thread we get to discussing modern dietary research. What does the materialistic peer-reviewed science have to say about nutrition other than that industrially prepared...
  20. Roots of Virtue

    group study Food and Eating According to Traditional Medicine Paradigms

    The major traditional medicine paradigms in both India and China posit that our foods, like the entire universe, embody some immaterial properties connected to metaphysical primal elements. The ancient Greek philosophers and medicine practitioners also knew a theory of four bodily humors that...