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qigong and calmness meditation

  1. Roots of Virtue

    group study George Xu's Video Teaching Series on Patreon

    This is a new video series for studying internal kungfu with an accomplished master with good reputation: I recently reviewed Master George Xu's short clips on the Xinyi analysis thread, and I found that his martial skills are worthy. You should check the...
  2. journal Miffymog's Flying Phoenix Practice Journal

    Damn it. I've just asked Earl Grey a question to which this thread is the answer. I am pretty regular with my training diary updates, pretty much once a week like clock work. However, I'm also very happy to go a bit more free style and simply ask any questions I'm having on this thread. So, it...
  3. Roots of Virtue

    group study Cross-Training in Internal Martial Arts and Qigong Styles

    How people progress in internal training is rarely a linear process or the result of a single-minded dedication to something exclusive, unless there is some special lineage or tradition related concern which demands all of dedication. To foster development, teachers may even encourage their...
  4. Roots of Virtue

    group study Feng Shui and Sache

    I'll write an introduction to Chinese Feng Shui and Tibetan Sache later. Both are arts dedicated to understanding the environmental energies and their effects on human dwellings. Geomancy as a particular form of divination that has close ties to understanding how earth and water interact in the...
  5. Roots of Virtue

    instructions Free and Easy to Learn Internal Skills

    Sometimes people only wish to practice formal teachings if they haven't paid for those, or they might feel really cautious about investing their money because internal skills are unfamiliar to them. Either way, the good news for these people is that there exist some really good quality free...
  6. Roots of Virtue

    group study Practical Mindfulness and Meditation by Western Dharma Teachers

    Buddha Dharma hasn't had more cultural visibility than a casual curiosity in most of the Western communities and the time of exposure has been relatively brief, but many Western meditation teachers have already gained substantial experience and wisdom to be recognized as capable Dharma teachers...
  7. endbegin

    group study Baduanjin: The Eight Pieces of Brocade

    There are variations on how the moves are done, so I'm posting a couple here, and feel free to post some more for reference. What do we think about variations? Can one be more effective than another? This is basically the version that I have been taught: View:
  8. Toni

    question Grounding and Earthing

    I would like to ask something. As of lately I have been doing some research in the fields of biology and medicine. One thing that called my attention was grounding/earthing. It seems there is a good amount of studies saying that going barefoot in nature is very good for your body, as you get...
  9. Roots of Virtue

    group study Calligraphy and Sigils for Meditation and Magic

    We have been missing a general purpose thread about the esoteric aspects of calligraphy and sigils for spiritual purposes, namely meditation and magic. Please feel free to share about the resources and teachers you recommend for learning the basics, your relevant experiences, and share some of...
  10. Earl Grey

    journal Earl Grey's Flying Phoenix vs. Covid19 Experiment

    I am expanding specifically my overall experiences with using the internal arts to heal my covid19 infection that I had earlier written about in this thread. As I have already made general findings in my experiences, the focus here is on my Flying Phoenix routine and a recap of what I discovered...
  11. Earl Grey

    journal Earl Grey's Covid19 Recovery Reflections

    I am 12 days into getting a mild case of covid19. In nearly two years since the outbreak in Wuhan and about one and a half since it came into the country that I currently reside in, I finally caught the virus and have used it as a learning opportunity to test my practices and their effects on me...
  12. One Finger Chan

    group study What will not go wrong?

    As you can see, the title plays with the name of this section. This one is inspired by almost a decade on forums. Why is it so, that some beginners, when starting to feel stuff, start to mix systems and fill in the blanks much like the gene sequencing described in Jurassic Park (1)? The...
  13. Toni

    feedback Fragrant qi gong has saved my life

    This is my first thread in this forum, I am glad that you granted me access to it! I have said some of this elsewhere but I think it is important to share it with everybody. At the beginning of the year I was sick. I had heart problems, sometimes the palpitations were so big I thought I was...
  14. Roots of Virtue

    question What Is Energetic Purity?

    First, you should understand that energy has different qualities that give it a tangible form or texture. This would be an esoteric and deep matter to discuss, as it delves deep into alchemy. Let's leave it at that. Second, on a more rational level energy can be like the light wave in that it...
  15. Earl Grey

    journal Healing Stories for Flying Phoenix

    This thread is focused on some stories of healing from the practice of Flying Phoenix.
  16. Earl Grey

    journal Sifu Terry's Training Sets

    This thread is for routines Sifu Terry has practiced himself and recommends for those trying to rotate the order of forms taught on the Chi Kung for Health DVD series for Flying Phoenix and mixes some other techniques he teaches personally, such as Tao Tan Pai and advanced techniques not...
  17. endbegin

    group study Red Flags when Finding a Teacher

    I thought on this for a few days before posting, because I wanted to expel a few negative emotions before hand. I figured that this would have been quite a different post if I had allowed any bitterness to influence the way in which I write. I am an inherent "teeth-clencher" when it comes to...
  18. Roots of Virtue

    question Internal Practices Suitable for Self-Study

    Internal Practices Suitable for Self-Study It's an interesting question with two complementary answers. There is the perspective of complete formal practice that allows the practitioner to advance from complete naivety to mastery within its self-contained systemic framework. The other view is...
  19. John Dolic

    group study My Views About What is Qigong

    Qigong is what I’ve been doing for a living for the last 30 years. But before that, it changed my life, both health-wise and otherwise. I stumbled upon it while I was staying in China studying Chinese medicine and practicing Kung Fu. Now I can honestly say that, apart from Daoism, that was my...
  20. Miroku

    question "Controversial Methods" and How Worth It is It to Try Them

    Hi, I cannot help but feel fascinated by Falun Gong and 5 Tibetan Rites. Normally I would just engange in them, since both methods are freely available and apparently easy to learn. However, both of them are shrouded in controversy. The Five Tibetans are of unsure origin and the claims around...