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video and film

  1. Roots of Virtue

    group study How Is Pop Culture Seeing Spiritual Practice and Spiritual Topics?

    Let's discuss how pop culture is actively catalyzing the dissemination spiritual themes across civilizations and what is this pollination's impact on people's personal views. Popular culture is created for mass appeal and consumption. It appropriates everything that can be grasped in...
  2. Miroku

    group study Good and Interesting Documentaries About Practice and Practitioners

    Hey, I thought it could be interesting to post here interesting documentaries that somehow touch upon the practice, etc. I will be kicking off with Hermits.
  3. Earl Grey

    casual Short Videos to Check out Thread

    This thread is for videos worth checking out. I think a great way to start is this video on being Ultra Spiritual! Keep in mind that while the creator in the video has some funny insights, over the past couple years, he has become a weirdo who actually is a life coach with New Age tendencies...