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weird experiences

  1. Roots of Virtue

    news Please Be Excited: A Brand New Forum Branch that Absolutely Nobody Asked for!

    For our most esteemed readers, I hereby offer you the newest forum branch called Energy and Evidence: The name is tentative and may change at some point, but it's aptly descriptive of what it is about: Giving a basic idea about various...
  2. Earl Grey

    group study Feeding the Hungry Ghosts

    Feeding the Hungry Ghosts Hungry ghosts, also known as pretas, are beings whom I've been fascinated by since I started practicing Dharma more purposefully. I initially learned this offering rite from Khandro Kunzang, and during the course, a lot of details made me very concerned and...
  3. Roots of Virtue

    question Heart and Blood Circulation in Xinyi

    Today my practice began well and I can feel that the core (deep back and stomach muscles) has gotten stronger, but then during lifting stance I started to feel that my pulse got up higher and the heart beat harder, so I thought maybe it's time to cut a bit slack and not turn it into a cardio...
  4. Roots of Virtue

    essay Real Healer Saints and Communication with Angels? Hah!

    Real Healer Saints and Communication with Angels? Hah! In the past years there has been a somewhat universal Western trend that some people seek personal connection with what they imagine as divine and come up with practical approaches which could accurately be described as a genre of...
  5. Earl Grey

    journal Healing Stories for Flying Phoenix

    This thread is focused on some stories of healing from the practice of Flying Phoenix.
  6. One Finger Chan

    group study Perils of meditation – It might be a bumpy ride

    For some people, meditation is a way to relieve stress. But meditation can do so much more, for example one can have a change in the sense of ones self. This might be a welcome chainge, leading to insight and liberation. But it can also become a problem, leading to impairment. I’m not going to...
  7. Earl Grey

    group study Strange Phenomena from Xin Yi and Their Practical Meaning

    This thread is meant to discuss what people may see as mystical and mysterious phenomena in their internal arts practice. Within our Xin Yi school, we've seen quite a few things, but we aren't going to feed the nonsense that detracts from the practice. Some might say that these are paranormal...
  8. Earl Grey

    group study Fragrant Qigong

    Fragrant Qigong After being kept secret for almost two thousand years Fragrant Qigong emerged in China in 1988 and in less than two years it became absolutely the most popular style of Qigong of all time, purely by word of mouth. It has never been advertised. In 1998 it was voted and...
  9. Earl Grey

    group study Spontaneous Five Animals Play

    Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong Imagine Reiki, Shiatsu, Kahuna, Rolfing, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Spiritual Healing all rolled into one technique, tailor made to suit your individual needs. That is exactly what Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong (Wuqinxi) is. It can treat a wide range...
  10. question Opening the "heavenly eye", what are the signs and effects?

    Hello! I've got a few questions regarding opening what is often called the "heavenly eye", or the "celestial eye". What are the normal "signposts" of progress in this process? What effects can be expected at what stages of its opening? Will it provide "yin vision" when it's fully opened...
  11. Roots of Virtue

    group study About Exotic Forms of Energy and Dangers in Mixing Energies

    About Exotic Forms of Energy and Dangers in Mixing Energies There are many ways to train the internal energy-body, and sometimes specific training brings simply unbelievable results. How could the materialistic world view accept the existence of energetic phenomena extending outside of the...
  12. Roots of Virtue

    instructions How to Arouse Someone from the State of Samadhi

    How to Arouse Someone from the State of Samadhi As a rule you should not touch them or shake people who are in samadhi because this can hurt the individual. This is because when someone is in samadhi, his or her body becomes extremely soft and vulnerable. For instance, there is a famous story...
  13. Earl Grey

    feedback A Reminder: Sensations Do Not Indicate Progress

    One thing that I hear a lot of beginners say--especially beginners who have been practicing for a decade or more--is that they feel "stronger" or more "advanced" because of energetic sensations. The funny thing is, no matter how long you have been training in most internal systems for the...