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  1. Roots of Virtue

    news Please Be Excited: A Brand New Forum Branch that Absolutely Nobody Asked for!

    For our most esteemed readers, I hereby offer you the newest forum branch called Energy and Evidence: The name is tentative and may change at some point, but it's aptly descriptive of what it is about: Giving a basic idea about various...
  2. Earl Grey

    essay When Masters Hide Their Skill and When "Masters" Reveal Their Skill in Public Demos

    One of the sayings of late Grandmaster David Chan was that there are two possibilities for anyone claiming master status and giving public displays: a) they know a lot more and are hiding their actual skill since a public demo can be recorded and copied by people who learn from observation, b)...
  3. Roots of Virtue

    group study The Unsurpassed Benefits of Studying Well and the Downfalls of Its Neglect

    The Unsurpassed Benefits of Studying Well and the Downfalls of Its Neglect We want to practice internal arts for the results in self-transformation, but even a good practice itself is rarely enough for deep understanding. The reason is that everyone has many lifetimes of unconsciously adapted...
  4. Roots of Virtue

    group study Songs and Poems by Buddhist Enlightened Masters, with Practical Wisdom and Giving Advice

    Here we share songs and poems by realized Buddhist masters who share their practical wisdom and offer advice. Please note that we have another topic for sharing haikus in a more free flowing context: Song of the Enchanting Wildwoods by Longchen...
  5. Roots of Virtue

    group study Hilarious Folk Stories and Stories About Fools

    Hilarious Folk Stories and Stories About Fools Sharing stories is good entertainment for everyone, but everyone likes even more when the stories are hilarious! Here we gather various hilarious folk stories and stories about fools around the world. Remember to include sources if it's not too...
  6. Roots of Virtue

    group study The Wisdom of Story Tellers: Fables and Parables

    The Wisdom of the Story Tellers: Fables and Parables Sharing fables, stories, and parables is probably the most ancient cultural tradition humanity has practiced. Is there anybody who doesn't love to hear wise lessons and connect with other people through entertaining story telling? Here we...
  7. Roots of Virtue

    announcements Liveliness of Discussion and How to Avoid Treading Water

    Liveliness of Discussion and How to Avoid Treading Water I want to spell it clearly about what makes for a lively discussion so that active threads don't start treading water and stagnate. Don't make hit and run posts or have that type of loser mentality where you are already willing to give...
  8. Earl Grey

    essay "Cultivation is not for losers"

    A conversation with both Master JR Rodriguez and I and also a separate conversation with @小梦想 had the latter bring up verbatim the title of this essay. Background: we were chatting about the kinds of individuals interested in power and the internal arts, which for the sake of discussion, I will...
  9. Earl Grey

    essay Meditation and Psychosis: A Colorful Commentary on Miguel Farias

    Here is a gem which Sifu Terry wrote in 2016. It is a colorful commentary on Miguel Farias and his book on meditation and psychoses. I came across this article interviewing this Oxford-educated researcher on meditation who has written a book titled, "The Buddha Pill: Can Meditation Change...
  10. Roots of Virtue

    essay About the Authenticity of Dr. Baolin Wu's Books

    About the Authenticity of Dr. Baolin Wu's Books Yesterday I was reading (oriental medicine doctor and licensed acupuncturist) Dr. Baolin Wu's book Eight Immortals' Revolving Sword of Pure Yang (2011) and came to a passage about Wang Xiangzhai, the famous internal martial artist and Zhan Zhuang...
  11. Earl Grey

    feedback Internal Practicing with Mental Health Issues

    Simple answer: don’t do it. Qigong usually is the big problem here because unstable and overstimulated qi easily rises to the head. If you allow qi to rise to the head and don’t know how to ground it, it can lead to later mental health issues such as delusions and anxiety, depression, anger...
  12. Roots of Virtue

    essay Wanting Direct Taste and Independence As Measures of Spiritual Growth

    Wanting Direct Taste and Independence As Measures of Spiritual Growth Why do we need spiritual teachers? It's a good question because real wisdom comes through the direct taste of experiences and personal effort. Intermediate agencies like personal biases and clinging to formalities could easily...
  13. Roots of Virtue

    group study Meditative Mindfulness Leading to Insight — Pali Discourses by Gautama Buddha

    Meditative Mindfulness Leading to Insight This is not a complete exposition of the essentials of the Buddhist path or even of the Buddhist meditation, but more like a pointer for understanding what is meant by the traditional Buddhist mindfulness. Generally speaking, it's not a good idea to try...
  14. Roots of Virtue

    essay Patterns in Groups Tending Toward the Formation of Cults; Examples from the Secular Buddhist Community

    Patterns in Groups Tending Toward the Formation of Cults; examples from the secular Buddhist community Sweet coupled airs we sing. No lonely seafarer Holds clear of entering Our green mirror. ~ Homer; The Odyssey, Book 12, 173-176 There is a natural urge to seek out others and form bonds to...
  15. Roots of Virtue

    group study Critical Views on Lineage Transmission and Authoritative Teachers

    This message will later become an introduction to the topic of critical views on lineage transmission.
  16. Roots of Virtue

    announcements New Forum Branch: The Scamgong Bulletin

    One of the main theses about Alchemical Garden Forum is that there is a need to make a distinction between low quality and high quality practice. Therefore, we need to have some sense of awareness and curiosity about what happens in the world at large. I'm pleased to announce a brand new forum...
  17. Roots of Virtue

    essay Fear of Missing out: A Marketing Ploy to Monetize Spiritual Cultivation

    Fear of Missing out: A Marketing Ploy to Monetize Spiritual Cultivation There are many violent ways to control and entrap unwary people, but often times it can literally pay back in saved time and money if you pay attention early whether there are subtle mechanisms of manipulation that heighten...
  18. Roots of Virtue

    essay Real Healer Saints and Communication with Angels? Hah!

    Real Healer Saints and Communication with Angels? Hah! In the past years there has been a somewhat universal Western trend that some people seek personal connection with what they imagine as divine and come up with practical approaches which could accurately be described as a genre of...
  19. Roots of Virtue

    group study Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra

    Vimalakīrti Nirdeśa Sūtra is an ancient and influential Mahayana Buddhist text that chiefly discusses non-duality and the illusory nature of phenomena. I'm excerpting below the second chapter which is the shortest, but I highly recommend that you read the rest of the sutra text also. 2...
  20. Roots of Virtue

    group study Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch, Hui Neng

    About the The Platform Sutra The T'an Ching, or Platform Sutra, has been a volume of immense popularity among the Ch'an Buddhists of East Asia for many centuries. Purported to be the teaching of the Sixth Patriarch of the Southern School of Ch'an, it has achieved the highest status possible for...