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  1. Roots of Virtue

    group study Calligraphy and Sigils for Meditation and Magic

    We have been missing a general purpose thread about the esoteric aspects of calligraphy and sigils for spiritual purposes, namely meditation and magic. Please feel free to share about the resources and teachers you recommend for learning the basics, your relevant experiences, and share some of...
  2. Roots of Virtue

    group study Pure Land Buddhism and Guruyoga Tantra

    First, look through the Preliminaries of Buddhist Practice thread and make sure that you understand what is the starting point for this thread. Pure Land Buddhism is often referred to as the most simple way to enter the Mahayana Buddha Dharma. Mindfulness of the Buddha, name of the Buddha...
  3. Roots of Virtue

    essay Generosity as the Perfection of Virtue and Wisdom

    Q: When you said that wisdom is the function, what did you mean by wisdom? A: The knowledge that by realizing the void-ness of all opposites, deliverance is assured and that, without this realization, you will never gain deliverance. This is what we call 'wisdom' or 'knowing wrong from right'...
  4. Roots of Virtue

    group study Miraculous Evidence of Good Practice

    Let's gather well-documented or otherwise very credible testimonies and evidence about the results of good practice.
  5. Roots of Virtue

    group study Pop Culture and Spiritual Practice

    Let's discuss how pop culture is actively catalyzing the dissemination spiritual themes across civilizations and what is this pollination's impact on people's personal views. Popular culture is created for mass appeal and consumption. It appropriates everything that can be grasped in...
  6. Roots of Virtue

    group study Heaven and Earth: Hieros Gamos (Holy Marriage), the Cosmos, and the Virtues of Yin and Yang

    This thread is a brief summary of the various important cultural and esoteric currents that are covered with this concept and its close terms. (It's also a practical guide for when to use it as a tag, mind you.) Heaven and Earth: Hieros Gamos (Holy Marriage), the Cosmos, and the Virtues of...
  7. Miroku

    group study Good and Interesting Documentaries About Practice and Practitioners

    Hey, I thought it could be interesting to post here interesting documentaries that somehow touch upon the practice, etc. I will be kicking off with Hermits.
  8. Earl Grey

    journal Sifu Terry's Wisdom Teachings and Quotes

    This thread is a selection of quotes Sifu Terry has made, i-ching readings, and sources of interest he feels practitioners should enjoy outside of basic practice. Most important: "HEALING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING." --Grandmaster Doo Wai "WE ARE AT OUR BEST WHEN WE SERVE OTHERS. BE...
  9. Corvus

    essay Esoteric Number Theory ( and the 3 : 4 Principle ) .

    In some traditions numbers are not just symbols that tell us how many of a particular thing there are but can be seen as divine emanations. In simpler form it goes something like this; The original primal unity. Some call it God - at the stage of God before creation. Others call it pure...
  10. Roots of Virtue

    announcements Rules for Discussing the Monastic Traditions

    We welcome authentic monastically preserved teachings! What qualifies as a valid monastic tradition? Monks and nuns receive extra ethical vows and monastic strictures that detaches them from the lay people and the society, thus enabling monastics to devote their time and energy to spiritual...
  11. Roots of Virtue

    group study Damaging Others' Wisdom Life is Severe Negative Karma!

    I must emphasize this following point to everybody: Damaging Others' Wisdom Life is Severe Negative Karma! Here are some quotes on what William Bodri has to say on the topic of wisdom life: So, whatever you think of false teachers and their snares, know that willful ignorance and...