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group study Sensationalist Health News and Claims

Group study openly invites people to exchange thoughts together based on premises that are always explicitly pointed out, however loose they might be, and when any fixed outcome isn't called for. It's good to keep mindful and respectful of both what is and what isn't relevant for discussion though.

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Sometimes we see news of supposed health breakthroughs or claims that a new health innovation will help you heal and keep fit. Is it an implausible money-grab and a complete waste of time, or could it perhaps turn out to be something?

While science and materialistic knowledge may thrive with revolutionary insights and scientific findings usually are correct and at least technically verifiable, the same can hardly be said of the faux-spiritual trends that usurp the true and traditional holistic principles: Everything matters, but especially the inner life is important especially.

Keeping emotions cool is vital for both wisdom development and inner cultivation, but emotional clarity is not a marketable proposition: The sales value of trends and fads is mostly created with the stirring of excess emotional engagement. The consequential attachment to flaring emotions acts as mature-age teddy bear that offers a piece of surrogate stability and comfort as long as the soothing health-sale pitches keep on coming. You will feel soooo much better!

Healthy living has always been around, and the biggest obstacle to it today is the choosy materialistic attitude coupled with manic enthusiasm and the avoidance of inner work, which is closely related to and promoted by the American la-la positivism cult and the health-conscious yuppie California.

Let's collect here assorted health claims and news that you may encounter so that we may examine them critically.

Here's a small news biography that rides on a usurpatory health spin.

113 Year-old-man reveals his secret: 5 Foods for long life​

Bernardo LaPallo is not an ordinary man. Born in 1901 and at 113 he is older than any of you and that happened not by chance but by sheer discipline and desire to live longer. He has a few secrets though; five of them to be exact and he shared that so you can live a long life too.

LaPallo who hails from Mesa, Arizona claims that he has never been sick a day in his life and that he has avoid red meat and eats mostly organic food and vegetables. His secret is a recipe that he inherited from his father who was a doctor and a much disciplined man.

If you think that yeah maybe he’s 113 years old but can’t live decently, you’re wrong. He can still do a lot of stuff including solving crosswords and reading books – not ebooks, he is traditional like that.

Check the video done when he was 110 below to learn his 5 secret foods for long life[.]

Cute, but completely sensationalistic story.

The real secret for longevity is having both a good holistic lifestyle and not spilling vitality through sickness or emotions. Garlic might in particular be a bad stable food choice for sustaining a long life because it's known in many cultures to agitate the emotional expression when eaten raw or to cause frequent nocturnal emission when eaten cooked.
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Heh yeah there are so many of these. I sometimes wonder how much are they taken seriously and how much are they more of a tongue in cheek sort of "secrets".

Sometimes these "secrets" are mostly understandible like here:

But very often those secrets are just crazy, like one old African-american woman claiming her secret was bacon and eggs every morning and a cigar I think? So very often they just had the karma.

But some of the worst "health trends" that I see are keto diet and frutarian diet. Concerning mere fads... then it must be butter coffee. Such a waste of good coffee.
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