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essay Real Healer Saints and Communication with Angels? Hah!

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Real Healer Saints and Communication with Angels? Hah!​

In the past years there has been a somewhat universal Western trend that some people seek personal connection with what they imagine as divine and come up with practical approaches which could accurately be described as a genre of self-initiated New Age Pentecostal shamanism. We have faith healers who produce apparent miracles (I can give the benefit of doubt that sometimes these healings are factual and involve some undisclosed spiritual work) and unstable people looking up to heavenly guidance and receiving advice from what they think as angels. While the trend's guises may differ, there is an underlying principle that reason defers to feelings and that everything is not as it seems.

The old wisdom saying goes that the devil conceals himself as an angel of light. "Oh, I'm such a good person and work on healing others. I have so many fans and they build me statues and congregate around where I go." Yet, would a real saint who has vanquished ego-centrism and refused the wordly temptations take kindly on any extra attention and attachments that crazed fans might treat for him? The real spiritual maturity is not about increasing self-worth, but becoming indifferent to it. It's very hard to reconcile this view with the earthly and social abundance that suggests self-indulgence and dependent relationships.

There are such modern phenomena as self-appointed Lightworkers and Starseeds: People who claim to have a special destiny or extraordinary abilities that reinforce a softly rebellious identity going against their sense of misfitting in the prevailing state of spiritual culture or its lack. The luminous titles they take clearly reflect an emphatic desire to represent universal goodness and sugarcoated welfare, but where are the shadows that this light casts? All growth in wisdom comes through facing shadows and bringing these to the full natural awareness of the heart-mind, and people who just seem to have a really good public image and to offer teachings on very optimistic terms that lure with the hopes of material abundance and ever increasing positivity — are these seemingly all-good people really through their own confusions yet? And if so, then why is their teaching of light not intent on illuminating the darkness of suffering and ignorance that clouds every mind, instead only offering a trail of sweet comforts and perpetual hopefulness that leads to a witch's house in the woods?

It's all a subversion of true spirituality which turns the original purpose of illuminating one's own heart into glorification of desires and external appearances only by hearsay and promises. In other words, it's the perfect ground for cults and abuse.

The most dangerous aspect of this spiritual subversion is the appropriation of genuine spiritual technology for purposes that dim wisdom and encourage terrible dependencies. A foolish dabbler can intentionally seek out trance states in order to induce contact with spirits who may offer help... for a price that might not be obvious. People can both wittingly and unwittingly come in contact to spirits who masquerade as heavenly masters and holy angels offering empowerment and special teachings. If this is the deal, and things are not as heavenly as they may seem, then what actual good comes out of services that such mediums, fortune tellers, and healers conduct? Would you take on a Reiki healing sponsored by the devil?
Is it an angel or a deceiver pretending to be one? Gullibility and enthusiasm do not foster careful discernment.

It's good to be careful about what is real in spiritual connections and what is involved in asking and receiving help. Maybe it would be a good time to stop for a moment and consider the following before rushing off to the next energy healer's embrace:

  • What is real healing?
  • To what degree is it possible to receive external healing?
  • Why selfishness and problems caused by self-clinging can't merely be "healed away"?
  • What is wise counsel?
  • What could clear out one's confusion and help growing in healthy independence and maturity?
  • Why is it possible to focus on light and love and other similarly positive concepts, but still fall into the darkness of spiritual side-stepping and get lost in ego trips?
  • Why is love not the answer to every single problem?
  • When does love actually promote awareness and learning instead of self-gratification?
  • Equanimity


Coincidental ..... ?

I came here today seeking refuge from that very same virus !

( I call it a virus as it seems to spread at an alarming rate and its presence seems ever larger ...... a type of 'Dunning - Kruger virus ' .

Actually , when going for 'a jab' a few moths back, the first part was a quick interview with a doctor ; " Any questionsor concerns ? "

Me : " Not really , I have already looked into things myself and consulted my sister who is a medical biologist . But I bet you have been getting some 'doozies' ? "

He immediately changed and went into informal mode ; " My God ! tell me about it , I dont believe what I have been hearing ! "

Me; " Well, since you asked me to tell you about it ...... " he winced but then I repeated my 'theory' about the 'other virus ' . and he .....

" Actually .... now that you mention it ...... "

  • Sympathic joy