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instructions Sifu Terry Dunn's Courses & Classes (Both Streaming and In-Person)

Good instructions and correct spiritual recipes are invaluable. Remember to practice well and with discernment.

Roots of Virtue

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Sifu Terry Dunn sends regular adverts for his ongoing community classes via his Substack newsletter. Subscribe on the following site in order to receive updates, including details about pricing and joining up:

Below is an edited and adapted synopsis of all the four courses as presented on the latest newsletter.


I. TAI CHI FOR HEALTH - the 60-posture Short Form

Graceful in movement, slow in tempo, relaxed in fluid natural postures, Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial art practiced by millions throughout the world as a moving meditation for health, longevity, and self-defense. Regular practice of Tai Chi forms imparts many health benefits: improved circulation, respiration, flexibility agility, balance, posture, coordination, metabolism, bone and muscle strength, neuro-muscular coordination, immunity, and heightened ecological awareness. Tai Chi Chuan has also been accurately described as medicine, metaphysics, and psychology—all in the body of a martial art.

Class Agenda​

In this ongoing weekly class, I teach the popular 60-posture Yang Style Tai Chi form (pre-choreographed routine) created by my teacher, Grandmaster William C.C. Chen. You will learn the essential postures and body mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan that will give absolute beginners a solid foundation from which to further explore the art, while enabling experienced Tai Chi players of all levels and from all styles to advance their practice.

A. WARM-UP MODULE: Each class begins with 40 minutes of classical Tai Chi warm-up and conditioning exercises that I have distilled from a vast repertoire of training methods acquired over the past 46 years from several traditions: Yang Tai Chi, Chen Tai Chi (Silk-reeling Exercises), the “Silk-weaver’s Exercise” (a Qigong form not to be confused with “The 8 Brocades”), the excellent and comprehensive Qing Dynasty Imperial Guard Exercises, plus several Liu He Ba Fa training exercises.

Then we proceed to practicing three essential Yang style Tai Chi conditioning exercises that I learned in the 1980’s from my first Tai Chi teacher, the late General Abraham Liu (a senior student of Prof. Cheng Man-Ching), which I still practice to profound effects and teach to this day: (1) “Wave Hands Like Clouds” done in bow-stances and in ma-bu (horse riding stance); (2) The 90º-pivoting “Play Guitar/Lifting Hands” exercise that perfects the sit stance or cat stance; (3) the smoothly alternating “Snake Creeps Down” exercise that traces the infinity symbol (a sideways “figure-8”) with the core of the body, which is so effective for developing flexibility, posture, balance, and total-body circulation, and essential for mind-body integration.

*These three essential exercises are taught in the first 45 minutes of both of my Tai Chi For Health dvds (the all-time best-selling Tai Chi instructional videos/DVDs in the English language since their release in 1989:
After the warm-up module, you will receive detailed, step-by-step instruction in the 60-posture Form created by my teacher, Grandmaster William C.C. Chen. My method of Tai Chi form training is based on first learning structure, and then learning flow. That is, each posture must be learned and correctly held as a standing meditation. Then we practice transitioning from one posture to the next to develop “flow.” IMHO, art is in--or is made in--the transitions. [*Transitional flow, btw, is what each of the essential 3 conditioning exercises in the warmup module develop.] Only when the sequential flow of Tai Chi postures becomes completely relaxed, frictionless and “muscle-free” does form practice become true “moving meditation” and the full health benefits of Tai Chi form become actualized. First structure, then flow. Mastery of the solo form as a moving meditation comes when the Tai Chi player can perform the form as one thought—and one no longer feels the body.

Once proficiency in the Form is attained, we delve into the second half of the Tai Chi journey: Push-hands (“Tui-shou”) practice, or fixed-step sparring, in which one attempts to unbalance and displace one’s practice partner using a minimum of physical strength (li). Push-hands practice teaches the subtle martial applications of the Form and how to apply Tai Chi’s “soft power” for self-defense. We practice the solo form to know ourselves; we practice Push-Hands to harmonize with our environment, to neutralize aggression and (with mastery) to win without fighting.


Each class immerses you in two (not one, but two) authentic and powerful ancient Taoist monastic systems of Qigong that impart tangible and visible health benefits repeatable verifiable health benefits.

(1) Taoist Elixir Method (“Tao Tan Pai”) Qigong is a complete system of Taoist hygienics, martial art, hermeticism, and spiritual art that was created in Tang Dynasty and is attributed to Lu Tung Pin (Lu Deng Bin), the de facto leader of the 8 Taoist Immortals (saints). Tao Tan Pai Qigong is easy to learn, easy to practice, and will serve one for a lifetime. The TTP-31 Basic Meditations consists of 15 standing moving meditations and 16 seated meditations, all of which involve movements except three.

(2) Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Qi Meditations(“Fei Feng San Gung”) imparts tangible energizing and rejuvenating effects—and deep meditative states of consciousness— in surprisingly swift manner—within 30 to 45 minutes of practicing any combination of the 8 basic standing meditations or 24 seated meditations. The allostatic (restorative) effects of FP Qigong practice continues long after one’s practice has ceased.

The Flying Phoenix Qigong was created in 1644 by the famous Taoist, Feng Dao Deh (Feng Do Duk in Cantonese) of Ehrmeishan. The video below shows my spontaneous demonstration of the capstone moving meditation called “Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditation,” which is taught in the fourth volume of my best-selling Chi Kung For Health DVD series that I produced in 2004. Once the choreography is memorized, it is performed with the eyes closed and at a speed three times slower than Tai Chi form speed.


“Qigong For Health For First Responders” Class Agenda:

A. Warm-up: We begin every class with this easy and healthful basic Qigong routine called “the Silkweaver’s Exercise”, which you can learn on your own by practicing to this Youtube video that I excerpted from one of my accredited Medical Qigong I course for Emperor’s College of TOM:


**If you practice to this video this as homework and memorize the Silkweaver’s Exercise choreography, you’ll hit the deck “running” in all of my weekly classes and be able to attain deeper levels of relaxation, mind-body integration, physical comfort, emotional calm, and mental concentration during each class.

B. After warming up with the Silkweaver’s Exercise, we practice 50 minutes of the Basic Tao Tan Pai 31 Meditations (“TTP-31” for short), which in and of itself is a complete system of Yoga, compared to what has been taught in Yoga classes throughout the western world. We start off by learning a distillation of this series of 31 called the “Tao Tan Pai Short Form Power Yoga” consisting of the first four standing Meditations followed by the third of the 16 seated meditations (aka, Meditation No.18). This is a classical practice, not a recent advent or abbreviation—which I practiced daily every morning during my first four years of kung fu training—from 1976 to 1980. It is one of the most reliable and effective self-empowering yogic practices to elevate and organize one’s energies, and to instantly concentrate Qi flow to the hands.

We practice 4 to 15 of the standing meditations and 2 to 5 of the seated meditations in each class. By adding new meditations each week, we cover all of the 31 Basic Meditations of Tao Tan Pai in about 12 classes. This easy and yet profoundly healthful and transformative practice can be started by beginners in any class.

Tao Tan Pai Qigong catalyzes the Flying Phoenix Qigong, deeply enhancing and prolonging the healing effects of the latter.​

But beyond this fact that Flying Phoenix Qigong induces a healing event in the practitioner that continues long after the practice of the Qigong has ceased and can also induce a healing event several hours after the practice has concluded, I discovered seven years ago—after practicing Flying Phoenix Qigong for 23 years and the Tao Tan Pai Qigong for 38 years—that the Tao Tan Pai Qigong if practiced prior to practicing the Flying Phoenix Qigong, acts as powerful foundational catalyst or “accelerant” that enhances the restorative effects of the Flying Phoenix Qigong and prolongs “normal” duration of the energizing, rejuvenating, and self-healing events activated by the latter. Hence the format of every class in this series is one hour of Taoist Elixir Method Qigong followed by an hour of Flying Phoenix Qigong.


This course concentrates on the intermediate and advanced levels of the two rare and powerful Kung Fu/Qigong system— Tao Tan Pai (Taoist Elixir Method”) Nei Kung created in the Tang Dynasty and Ehrmei Mountain White Tiger Kung Fu, created in 1644 by Taoist monk Feng Dao Deh, and which includes Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Qigong, the medical qigong system and health safety “net” of Bok Fu Pai.

Prerequisites for joining the Intermediate class have recently been adjusted—please note:

1. Proficiency in all of the Flying Phoenix standing Qigong exercises up to and including “Moonbeam Splashes On Water” moving meditation—i.e., proficiency in performing all the meditative exercises in Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of Chi Kung For Health DVD series. —i.e. you should have “Moonbeam Splashes On Water” moving meditation memorized and be able to do it and its breath control sequence from memory and with the eyes closed.

2. Proficiency in the Tao Tan Pai Short Form Power Yoga (e.g., Exercises #1, #2, #3, #4, and #18 of the Tao Tan Pai 31 Basic Meditations)—and familiarity with the overall sequence of TTP 31 Basic Meditations—as acquired through attendance of two 3-day TTP Qigong workshops at Eastover Estate over past 3 years, or 3 months of weekly community classes (12 classes).

Class Agenda:

1. Refinement of Moonbeam Splashes On Water

2. Refinement of FP Long Form Standing Meditation

3. Lessons in advanced seated “Monk Serves Wine” FP Mediations

4. Advanced Flying Phoenix Qigong – 9 standing moving meditations

5. Tao Tan Pai Cane Form

6. Tao Tan Pai Monkey Form

7. Introduction to Preparatory Form of 8 Sections of Energy Combined

8. Introduction to “10,000 Buddhas Ascend To Heaven” Meditations
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Hi Roots of Virtue,

Would complete beginners be able to join in the zoom classes or is it recommended to practice the DVD's first?
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Roots of Virtue

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Would complete beginners be able to join in the zoom classes or is it recommended to practice the DVD's first?

That's a good question. I took a private lesson with Sifu Terry before my DVDs arrived. I suspect the answer is yes, but I would also ask @Earl Grey to chip in with his experience with the classes.

Sifu Terry also is available through email if you have any concerns about your suitability to the class.

Earl Grey

Gonzo Daoist and Dharma Punk
Hi Roots of Virtue,

Would complete beginners be able to join in the zoom classes or is it recommended to practice the DVD's first?

There is no problem joining the beginner zoom classes with no experience, but you’ll benefit more with a little familiarity with the breath control sequences and movements. You’ll also be able to ask more nuanced questions about practice.
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Sifu Terry Dunn

2022 FP Workshop Nov. 16-18 FINAL copy.jpg

To all Flying Phoenix Qigong practitioners and curious followers of this thread:

On November 16, 17, and 18, I will be conducting a 14-hour intensive workshop in Ehrmei Mountain Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Qigong that's very suitable for beginners but will be focussed on the intermediate practices of our art. This will be my first FPCK workshop of this year and fifth workshop at the beautiful "Tao Retreat" (Han Chinese Culture Assoc.) at 33 Tao Road in Catskill, NY. The seven 2-hour sessions of this workshop are Zoom-able.
[The information below is also available on my free monthly Newsletter:]

2022 Catskill 7-up composite.jpg

There's qigong and there's qigong. Then there's Flying Phoenix Qigong that differs from all other Yogic arts created in China or India or anywhere else in the world in the way that it so remarkably fulfills the 5 essential functional criteria of any authentic Qigong system--as defined by the late great Master R.K. Shih (italic elaborations are by me):

(1) prevents disease by elevating immune levels;

(2) cures disease and disease symptoms by inducing allostasis without adding stress to the system;

(3) strengthens the body--by, in the words of GM Doo Wai, "bringing all the organ functions under the regulation of the subconscious mind";

(4) improves intelligence and thereby increases longevity (for starters, by developing the mental function of visualization like no other Qigong art); and

(5) develops latent powers (e.g., clairvoyance, clairaudience, remote viewing, distance healing, psychokinesis, kung fu, perception of all forms of energy that are invisible to the consensus reality, etc.) --i.e. If a so-called "qigong" does not develop latent powers, then it is NOT qigong. Period.)

Astonishing and revelatory for most beginners is the common Flying Phoenix Qi phenomenon where the tangibly energizing and rejuvenating effects experienced during a practice session set on again several hours later in an unexpected total-body Qi-envelopment of the most pleasant and sublimely healing nature, thus further corroborating this professional medical assessment:

"Flying Phoenix Qigong practice significantly elevates parasympathetic tone. 90 minutes of practice of this Qigong is restorative in real time and over time afterwards." - Yetsa A. Tuakli-Wosornu, M.D., M.P.H., IOC Dip. Sp. Med. Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale School of Public Health Department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology. June, 2020


The 3-day immersive workshop, November 16 through 18, consists of 7 two-hour sessions with 2 sessions on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday, and 2 on Friday at these times (EST):

Wednesday: 3pm - 5pm; 7:30pm - 9:30pm EST

Thursday: 10am - noon; 2:30pm - 4:30pm; 7:30pm - 9:30pm EST

Friday: 10am - noon; 2:00pm - 4:00pm EST


The goal of this workshop is to help beginning and intermediate FP practitioners reach proficiency in the Long Form Standing Meditation and to introduce them to some of the Advanced Flying Phoenix Meditations—a set of 9 standing moving meditations…as well as to some of 16 advanced seated “Monk Serves Wine” meditations that I have not yet published.

A. Thus each session will review of the Flying Phoenix Qigong meditations presented in the Chi Kung For Health DVD series, with special focus on perfecting the "Moonbeam Splashes On Water" in Volume 3 and the Capstone Long Form Standing Meditation (Vol.4), mastering the five powerful 90-second meditations on Volume 5, and all memorizing the 5 advanced seated meditations on Volume 7 of the DVD series.

All participants are encouraged to practice to the Volumes 3, 4, 5, and 7 of the DVD series prior to the workshop.

B. In addition to reviewing the basic level of the FP Qigong system, I will also teach:

1. Excerpts from Advanced Flying Phoenix Qigong Meditations

Excerpts from Advanced Long Form Seated (Monk Serves Wine) Meditation — consisting of 22 postures.

3. Selections from the 10,000 Buddhas Ascend To Heaven Meditations System — an esoteric system of martial and healing Qigong consisting of 54 meditations organized into 3 sets of 18.

4. Advanced “Monk Serves Wine” seated Meditations not taught in the DVD series, such as this self-applied acupressure facial massage, repeated 7 times:

C. A 15-minute warm-up module at the start of every class will include: The Silkweaver’s Exercise (valuable for all-levels) and excerpts from Qing Dynasty Imperial Guard Exercises and Taoist Elixir Method Basic 31 Meditations--the latter of which has catalyzing and accelerating effects on Flying Phoenix Qigong cultivation.


$350 early registration
$385 day of workshop
$55 for each of the seven 2-hour sessions


$40 per 2-hour session or $250 for all 7 sessions [Zoom log-on links will be emailed to registrants the day before the workshop begins]

• Please send payment via Paypal (to or via Zelle (to


See postscript below or my Newsletter:
If you have any questions about the workshop, please post here or write to me at:

** Also see recent reviews of my last workshop (Sept. 30) posted on this thread by David Lloyd Hastings on October 8 and by Tao Now on October 16. **

Catskill gorgeous - cropped.jpg

I hope to see many of you at this Pre-Thanksgiving trim-down Flying Phoenix Workshop, which will, as a nice benefit on the side, also teach you how to use FP Qigong to literally vibrate off the lbs. of excess adipose tissue that you might layer on over Thanksgiving!

mitakuye oyasin,​

Sifu Terry Dunn

"The vitalities of heaven and earth, sun and moon,
Are fundamentally inherent in our bodies.
If reality and consciousness do not stray from each other,
Creation is always in the palm of your hand."
— Chang Po-Tuan, 11th Century


A. There are 3 rentable rooms at the main event hall at Tao Retreat: One room with bathroom: $350 / day* Two rooms with a shared bathroom: $248 / day*

B. Ten floor beds in the main tea house / event hall: $60 / night*

C. 4 new comfortable trailer rooms with sofa-beds for up to 4 people: $250/night*; $50 for additional person.*

*Room or floor bed rent includes each day’s meals.


2 excellent meals each day (authentic Xichuan cuisine for lunch and dinner) plus one smoothie or light soup before sleep. • Meals are included with room or floor bed rentals • Meal plan for non-residents: $50 per day.

TO MAKE ROOM AND/OR MEAL PLAN RESERVATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT Yurong 豫容 Julia Li 李 at: or Tel: (917) 828-0731

The town of Catskill is convenient 14 minutes away by car (8.5 miles) has plenty of comfortable bed & breakfast inns, motels and resorts in and around the nearby town of Catskill such as Wolff's Maple Breeze Resort:


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