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Please visit Entering the Garden and discover what are our sustaining roots. You may only apply with us if you agree and consent to our Community Vision and Purpose and Ethos and Ethical Guidelines.

The registration includes writing a letter of application in which you sincerely tell us why you wish to join.

instructions Ancient Masters - Foundation in Magic

Good instructions and correct spiritual recipes are invaluable. Remember to practice well and with discernment.

Energetic conflict(s):      Warning. Extra attention and care with correct instructions are needed.

  1. Magic & Esoteric Arts (sacred initiations and occult knowledge should be treated with healthy respect)
  2. Teacher Needed (learning is too difficult without teacher's detailed assistance or supervision)

Discussion premise:      Hermetic — Please try to uphold this point of view so that the discussion always returns to it.

Ancient Masters - Foundation in Magic​

also known as Foundation In Ancient Arts

We offer teaching and guidance on a complex spiritual Path of Magic that is underrepresented online and poorly known to the public. The path leads to inner transformation and spiritual development, unlike chasing one's desires and selfish goals, which leads nowhere. Foundation Training is precisely what is needed to practice Magic safely and effectively. Unfortunately, many jump into Magic practices with selfish goals without proper foundation and develop mental illnesses and deviations.

If you want to seek Truth in life, explore the world beyond the physical realm, learn more about yourself on a deep level and explore other worlds, if you are interested in the Path of Magus, or if you seek genuine training and self-development in a school environment, and become a part of a cultivator group.

Neirong and Aeordimm both have 15+ years of experience in Art and practical abilities. The program results from our research and study in Ancient Arts and Magic. We will observe, guide, and correct you through the study program.

The Foundation program spans roughly five years of consistent training (daily preferred), divided into ten semesters.

Scope of Training:
16 core modules. The foundation training includes training in meditation, third eye, neigong, other worlds, energy bodies, arcane Magic, and practical Magic. For a complete list of modules, you can refer to our website. We give everything necessary to jump-start cultivation without waiting ten years for a student to prove to us that he is worthy of being initiated. Although it is named Foundation Training, the program is challenging and has depth.

Approach to teaching and training:
We are there to ensure students are making meaningful progress and not walking into any possible pitfalls of cultivation.
We strive to keep things real and without pseudo esoteric nonsense.
Foundation is built in a step-by-step approach to maximize students' chances of making it.
Active members will integrate into Magic Egregore of our School, which will assist and help to progress and provide a degree of passive magic protection.
We give access to all the 6-months training (2 modules per semester) theory and practical content at once (without waiting and clicking buttons). So you can progress through training and exercises at an individual pace.
The progression to next semester depends on your daily work, activity, and written reports that we do check. That is not a pay, listen, and get achievement system. The next semester will only unlock if you are making progress with the previous. Thus the program duration might be extended for your pace of progression.

Physical and Mental stability.
Compatibility with other traditions. Our system is compatible with many other genuine practices out there, but not all of them.
You may have to be prepared to unlearn and empty things you have learned if they will be in direct conflict with our teaching.

Level of Commitment
Our students can start progressing with as little as 30-60m+ focused daily practice. We employ the methods to increase the efficiency of the training rather than force students to sit for 8 hours a day. Our school training does not require isolation or renunciation from the world.

We charge $99.9 for a month's study, billed as $599 for a semester of 6 months in 2022. (Yearly $1199) This price may be subject to adjustments on an annual basis.
The price is the same on all levels of the Foundation program.

Challenger Module
We are offering a trial 100-day subscription, so a seeker can get a taste of our practices, test yourself and capabilities to stick with daily training and school work flow.
The challenger module only costs $29 until the end of 2022, and usually it is ($59) or 10% of the current full semester price.

Start date
The school gates are open, and you can enroll on any date you are ready.

Graduation Prospects
Only those who complete the foundation training program with a satisfactory grade on all 16 core modules can continue training with us in the future or visit our offline retreats.

Upon Graduation and based on performance in the program, an Adept will have multiple options :
a. Graduate, with a complete foundation, you can be free to go deeper into any path you want without being locked into the Magus tradition. You can also take a break; we will record your name if you wish to continue your studies later.
b. Sign up for Advanced Training (It will become available later).
c. Join us in the Magus Order in Adept rank.

Learn more
If you want to send an application, read F.A.Q, or ask a question to the Masters, you can do this on our School discord.
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