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journal Dss25's Flying Phoenix, Xin Yi, and Dzogchen Practice Journal

Dear diary! It was high time I started a journal. Today I did blah, blah, blah...

Keeping a track of your own training schedule and results can be very helpful to yourself and others.


Dss25 flying phoenix/ meditation practice journal

I have been practice FPCK consistently for about a month now but since this is my first journal entry I'll do a brief overview of my experience so far instead of just covering the most recent week.

I started out practicing 20 minutes of monk holding pearl in the morning and then the first seated meditation from volume 2 at night. The first 2 weeks I noticed the biggest effects after the seated meditation from volume 2. I would often notice a jittery energy flowing throughout my body as well as a strong head pressure. I would often feel slightly disorientated after finishing and I had a strange sensation of my head getting bigger. Sometimes it felt like the jittery energy I felt in my body made it slightly harder to go fall asleep and was almost uncomfortable. Another strange thing I noticed was for a few days after beginning practice I would wake up with vertigo which hasn't happened to me since high school. I'm not sure if all of these experiences are related to FP or if its just a coincidence but I did find it strange at first.

All of these weird sensations have mostly stopped and I don't feel much of anything after doing FP. I do like to practice anapanasati for about 15 minutes after doing FP and I do notice that I feel much calmer and I'm able to stay with the breath a little easier. I haven't noticed any other effects from practice yet besides my dreams which seem a bit more vivid but they still feel pretty random.

This past week I have increased my standing time for monk holding pearl to 30 minutes. I have also begun practicing Zhan Zhuang for 20 minutes a day as well as 2 practices from the 8 treasures as taught to me by Earl Grey. I like to practice these immediately after my morning FP session.

Besides my FP and ZZ practice I also have been practicing Trekcho for about a month which I learned from my Dzogchen teacher. I'm currently only sitting for about 15 min a day and I currently am having trouble putting my mind in neutral and not getting caught up in my thoughts. One of my biggest obstacle that hinders all my practices right now is doubt. I'm constantly doubting whether I'm practicing correctly or long enough. This makes it harder for me to relax as I feel constantly caught up in my own mind instead of being mindful of the current practice I'm doing.
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  • Equanimity


FPCK Week 5
  • I feel a a subtle calming effect after my 30 minute session of MHP.
  • I feel the strongest effects after the first seated meditation of volume 2.
  • I notice a subtle body euphoria that extends a few hours past my meditations. Its extremely subtle but I feel it if I'm not too busy
Zhan Zhuang week 2
  • I'm not sure how to describe the feeling besides saying I feel a strong energetic effect after practicing. Its not a jittery energy as I also feel much more relaxed than usual.
  • Not much too say with my Trekcho practice currently but I am getting better at not getting caught up in thoughts of doubt while practicing.
  • Equanimity

Earl Grey

Gonzo Daoist and Dharma Punk
I'm not sure how to describe the feeling besides saying I feel a strong energetic effect after practicing. Its not a jittery energy as I also feel much more relaxed than usual.

Often, qi rises. At the very least, there is circulation of energy, just like more oxygen flowing through the body.