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From the ashes of The Scamgong Bulletin rises another forum branch: The Public Square. It's open to all our registered members.

The purpose of the Public Square is to house discussion about specific teachers and teachings which aren't invited by us. The unregistered viewers are ironically left out and can't view any of it. This accords with the forum policy that we don't give free airtime to teachers and teachings that haven't been properly reviewed by us.

Please also see this other thread which exactly outlines how we are supposed to discuss qualified teachers and teachings:

The seed content is selected and curated from The Scamgong Bulletin, so it's often going to appear as very critical in tone and occasionally poking fun at obviously deranged and strangely behaving individuals. This is justifiable because a healthy discussion culture must allow to point out what obviously isn't working and is guaranteed to make people lose their precious health and money. Furthermore, we will rigorously defend our policy to call out bad (read: unqualified) kungfu in public demonstrations even if it may make someone look bad. All things within limit and due respect, however.

We continue to accept feedback to improve the user experience and we hope that the new forum branch most of all serves as a friendly hub to discuss all teachers and their teachings.
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