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Good news!

I decided to update the forum concept a bit and make it a little less restricted. As a consequence, the Faculty and Academia stems now allow replies from Students (i.e. ordinary registered users).

I had originally envisioned that Academia would remain a closed forum stem with posting privileges entirely held from Students, but it didn't feel so right in practice. Therefore, the Students can reply to already established threads, although they are still limited for not being able to start new threads. Now the setting resembles real life academia in that it is curated by trusted Practitioners who offer threads like lectures or coursework in which the Students can participate then.

For Students: Your user privileges can be promoted for valid reasons. If you would like to have the full access to Academia, then remember this from the Community Vision and Purpose:

By a staff member's invitation based on your conduct and visible development while writing on the forum, or by applying to the staff through private message with an example writing that you wished to contribute.

If anyone has further ideas how to improve the user experience, then please let me know.
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