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announcements Rules for Discussing the Monastic Traditions

Reading announcements is important for understanding how and why this forum operates as it does.
We welcome authentic monastically preserved teachings!

What qualifies as a valid monastic tradition? Monks and nuns receive extra ethical vows and monastic strictures that detaches them from the lay people and the society, thus enabling monastics to devote their time and energy to spiritual cultivation or perfecting wisdom. The monastics often are above average yogis and well trained in their traditional sacred texts, but these are not hard rules and we still encourage to inspect teachers and teachings with due care.

Why does the Alchemical Garden have a general forum branch for discussing the monastic traditions and not lay traditions in general? We felt that the monastic vows and the monastic community (Sangha) already act as good certificates for wholesome ethics, formal meditative practices, and wisdom teachings which they readily share with the sincere lay followers. The monks and nuns serve the world in good faith, so we are giving them the benefit of doubt in return.

Rules for Discussing the Monastic Traditions​

  1. Be respectful and mindful of the sacrifice the monastics do when they sincerely retire from the world and devote themselves to meditation, self-scrutiny, and selfless compassion for all.
  2. Realize that becoming a student in any real traditional lineage creates a karmic responsibility to treat the teacher and the teachings with especially high regard. Please respect everyone's connection to their lineages.
  3. Although we generally mandate a prior and hard-to-get permit for promoting, we decided that monastics are exempted. We still reserve the right to remove or forbid any promotion that we see as being against our values.

Promoting heretical traditions and abusive teachers is strictly forbidden!

We take it seriously that we only give room to authentic and ethical teachers, teachings, and traditions. Therefore, we will not allow disreputable and controversial associations.

The ban list includes at least the following:

  • Monastics who violate their sworn precepts.
    • Sogyal Rinpoche and Chögyam Trungpa have abused their students. Deceased now.
  • New Kadampa sect. 5th, 13th, and 14th Dalai Lamas have publicly addressed that the angry-ghost Shugden which this sect venerates is incompatible with Buddhism.

It's forbidden to speak of these teachers and schools favorably without bringing up their severe problems.
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