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Dear diary! It was high time I started a journal. Today I did blah, blah, blah...

Keeping a track of your own training schedule and results can be very helpful to yourself and others.

Earl Grey

Gonzo Daoist and Dharma Punk
This thread is focused on some stories of healing from the practice of Flying Phoenix.
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Earl Grey

Gonzo Daoist and Dharma Punk
A Thanksgiving 2016 post:

Happy Thanksgiving to all FP Practitioners on this side of the ponds:

I just got back from from a trip to the east coast, including a week training in Tai Chi Chuan with the wonderful GM William C.C. Chen, and will respond to a number of interesting comments and questions posted over the past 2 weeks.

But first I wanted to share some interesting feedback I got from attendees of an FP Qigong workshop I gave in New York City last Sunday the 13th--on very short notice. We only posted notices for it 6 days before on the Nov. 6. At any rate, we had a nice turn out--and greetings again to Dr. Emil Mondoa who came all the way up from Delaware with his wife for a 4-hour workshop.

I used the Tao Tan Pai system's Power Yoga as a warm-up, even though that practice in and of itself is very powerful and serious Nei Kung. In the first 30 minutes, I led the class in the first 4 standing exercises of the TTP-31 followed by Meditation No. 16 which is 5 breath retentions seated with legs extended forward. This constitutes what Tao Tan Pai practitioners know as the "Short Form Nei Kung" or the "Power Yoga". Then we covered all the exercises on Volumes 1 and 2 over the course of the next 2 hours.

Quite unexpected was the feedback after the first hour of FP Qigong practice. After we did all the basic standing meditations of Vol.1 and the first 3 seated warmup mediations from Vol.2: the universal comment from all the women (7 out of 10), who commented that after one hour of the Flying Phoenix Qigong they felt completely "cleansed and cleared" of the depression, pall, anxiety, anger, and worry from the election 5 days earler. One woman, the host of the workshop, said that her clouded vision had cleared up and that she didn't even realize that her vision had clouded over as a result taking the results of the election so hard. The feedback showed me how hard-hit many people have been by the election, especially women and also how severe its spiritual fallout has been for many.

At any rate, that Sunday workshop's feedback told me to share this piece of holistic health and wellness advice: if anyone is feeling anxious, blue, vexed, oppressed, distressed, or out of sorts because of the election, make the time--take 35-45 minutes or more--and go through all the standing meditations on Volume 1 of my DVD series, and do at least the first 4 seated meditations of Vol.2 . Practicing that minimum amount will rinse off the psychic fall-out from the election.

For experienced FP practitioners, if you do two rounds of the Long Form Standing Meditation (Vol.4) back to back, that would be equivalent to a super-wash, rinse and polish of your spirit in the material.

When it comes to self-exorcising psychic fall-out, Flying Phoenix Qigong is a most reliable method. For those who haven't practiced FP Qigong to that degree of concentration, just try it as an experiment. But you have to cross the threshold of about 25 to 35 minutes of continuous practice of any of the Flying Phoenix exercises in any order or combination for the FP Healing energy to manifest.
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Earl Grey

Gonzo Daoist and Dharma Punk
A December 2017 post with the flu:

I would like to share with everyone my experience yesterday of doing just part--one third-- of the FP Standing Long Form meditation (vol.4)--in a pubic place,even-- to extinguish the early symptoms of a cold that was coming on.

Yesterday, I had nice lunch with a FP student at a Japanese restaurant in town and then spent the rest of the afternoon Christmas shopping. Shortly after the lunch and after walking my dog, I decided to have a latte at a nearby coffee house and downed a few oatmeal cookies as chasers. About 3 hours later--I guess after the protein in the lunch had been digested and the sugar, dairy and caffeine hit my system--while in a department store I felt heavy, stagnant energy and had sniffles starting in one nostril. After walking around a few more minutes and noticing that the symptoms weren't going away and that a cold was definitely setting on, I went to a corner of the dept. store (in front of the candle section) and subtly did 1/3 of the Long Form Standing Meditation by making the most minimal general gestures for each moment--barely doing the movements. I did the 90 60 5 50 40 breathing sequence, and the moment I completed the sequence, I felt the penetrating healing energy light up and steadily spread throughout my system--while simultaneously feeling the congestion, stagnation, and "inner dampness" suddenly disappear/clear up/vanish. I didn't need to even mentally do the next arm floating up and down movement (like Tai Chi form opening). So I took 3 breathes to end the meditation right then and there.

I did the gestures of the movements while mentally performing the form to its fullest. By the time I finished the extension of both arms to shoulder level form the palms at the solar plexus position facing downward (that follows the 3 opening and closing movements in the big-frame wuchi position), I felt all the cold symptoms completely extinguished and my head was crystal clear and dry--without a sniffle. "Extinguished" isn't best word because it connotes a firefighter putting out fire with water or retardant. "Eradicated" is accurate because the restoration was thorough and speedy, but it doesn't capture the sublimity of the healing. I can also say that I felt the restoration to homeostasis on a cellular level.

So that's my report. I felt a cold definitely coming on. I walked around with its starting symptoms for about 5 min. until I knew it would manifest into a full-blown cold if I didn't do something. Then I did 1/3 of the FPHHCM Vol.4 exercise--with good mental concentration and only schematic/abbreviated movements. No cold symptoms whatsoever from the time I took the terminating 3 full breathes onward.

Happy Holidays.
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Earl Grey

Gonzo Daoist and Dharma Punk
A 2nd of January 2016 share:

To encourage better practice of Flying Phoenix Qigong, here is my disclosure of one of the interesting effects of continuous and proper Flying Phoenix Qigong practice:

Often times, I practice 10 minutes of quiet sitting in half-lotus and then one full set (7 rounds) of one or two of the Advanced Monk Serves Wine meditation meditations as taught on Vol. 7 of the DVD series--plus a longer 22-movement Monk Serves Wine meditation that I teach to students privately--on my bed before sleeping. Usually, the two MSW meditations that I practice are (80 70 50 30) and (70 50 20 10).

Typically, after completing the FP Meditation and lying back onto the bed, I find that the bedding is deeply heated not just on the spot where I was sitting in meditation, but along the length of the mattress such that when I lie down, I am heated up by the energy in the mattress. This is a very distinctive feeling different from that of getting back into a bed that one has just slept in or that one's mate or spouse has kept warm. The energy that permeates the mattress and bedding is distinctly Flying Phoenix Healing Energy and it penetrates my body continuously the moment I lie down, as if someone with high cultivation was doing an energy healing on me. The heating by the bed lasts many minutes--the exact duration unknown because I always fall asleep before I feel it dampen.

I hope other FP practitioners have experienced this most pleasant effect, or will eventually attain it through continued practice. When one first feels the FP energy this way, it's quite a revelation.
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Earl Grey

Gonzo Daoist and Dharma Punk
19 September 2015:

Last evening I practiced Advanced Seated Meditation No.1 (on the Vol.7 DVD: 50 20 10 ), aka, "the Sleeper" and again confirmed the appropriateness of its nickname that I coined. I took 30 minutes to do the 7 rounds at very slow speed and smooth movement, hitting every nuanced hand position that GM Doo Wai had taught. The mediation induces deep, restful sleep with a profound activation of brain matter towards the back and top of the skull--as opposed to the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain that the other, "waker-upper" FP Mediations activate. And one can feel the movement of energy in the brain directly in sync with the movements of the hands.

Woke up just 5 hours after doing the meditation fully rested and with a great sense of well-being. Compared with Tao Tao Pai Nei Kung, however, I would still say that FP Qigong does not replace sleep, but requires adequate sleep to be most effective.

But I will offer these rock lyrics from 70's (Kansas) to inspire y'all to plumb deeper into "The Sleeper."

Carry on my wayward son,
There're be peace when you are done.
Lay your weary head to rest...
Don't you cry no more.

Then I went to my favorite park and practiced one round of Liu He Ba Fa and one round of 60-posture Yang Tai Chi Short Form (GM William Chen's). And all day thus far, I feel more absorbed with--viscerally aware of--everything that I see.

Flying Phoenix Qigong is exactly the disciplined experience that John Blofeld described in his excellent book on Taoism, "The Secret and the Sublime."

Fortunately for the world, this art isn't as secret as it was just 12 years ago.
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Earl Grey

Gonzo Daoist and Dharma Punk
29th of July 2015:

Hello FP practitioners,

I've been slow to post some recent FP meditative and healing experiences due to 2 weeks of searching for a new residence.

I. A week ago Thursday, for a variety of reasons I had to work very late into the morning, had to get up early, and wound up getting less than 3.5 hours of sleep. Instead of catching up on the sleep as soon as possible, I took the opportunity to test the Long Form standing meditation (taught on Volume 4) to determine whether it in particular and FP Qigong in general can replace sleep or heal the effects of sleep deprivation on a 1 hour of practice : 1 hour of lost sleep basis--or on a more efficient ratio. So I practiced three consecutive rounds of the Long Form Meditation (officially called "Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditation" [Fei Feng San Gung]), moving more slowly in each successive round.

The result: After practicing three rounds of the Long Form Meditation (taking 8 min. 10 min. and 12 min. to practice each one, respectively, I confirmed Grandmaster Doo Wai's explanation in 1991 that this FP Meditation--and therefore the FP Qigong system as a whole-- does not replace sleep in the least. I did confirm, however, when one does sleep, having practiced 3 rounds of the Long Form induces tremendously deep, sound and restful sleep--at least in terms of my personal experience. I woke up 10 hours alert completely rejuvenated and feeling pristine and mildly euphoric.

II. Practicing three of the Monk Serves Wine seated Meditations in one sitting is an invaluable yogic experience because of no less than six different benefits, which I will disclose at a later time, and that I've begun to explain in the classes and private tutorials that I teach.

*I know it takes a substantial investment of time, energy and shen-focus, but my recommendation for guaranteed penetration into the effects of FP Qigong is to practice the Standing Long Form Meditations 3x in a session, and to practice any 3 of the Monk Serves Wine meditations also in one sitting (which will usually not take more than 70 to 90 minutes).
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Lotus of Peace
I've experienced healing from Flying Phoenix qigong, not as one practising but as someone in the presence of people practising, surprisingly even online.
I joined a class of Sifu Terry last year, a gift I deeply appreciated. When we did some forms, I felt intense pain in my stomach (I was about to have my period), feeling sweat, and when we transitioned to doing FP, I had to lie down in my bed from the pain and found myself falling asleep briefly (taking a nap) while others did the form. It was interesting to note, waking up, gaining consciousness I felt this very warm energy within me, that eased my pain. I felt cushioned in this energy.

It reminds me to go back to this practice. baby steps. thank you for this thread!
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Earl Grey

Gonzo Daoist and Dharma Punk
A very important note on healing from 6 March 2019:

Your question, Is it ok to do hand on healing for someone for free?
--is a very loaded, overly general question that in its present form does have a single correct answer.

I will answer by saying that it all depends on these factors and more:
(A) how effective your healing powers are,
(B) how clear and perceptive you are in terms of diagnosing the illness or injury;
(C) how clear and perceptive you are in seeing the patient's character and spirit; and
(D) how physically, mentally and spiritually strong you are to withstand a patient's disease, negative energy, or even negative intent and his projected psychic energy;
(E) who you are trying to heal.

• If the person is a family member or loved one, there should be no problem. And certainly no bad consequences or karmic fall-out should result from rendering a healing without charge.

• But if your skills are inadequate and ineffective (not saying that they are either inferior or superior in reality), and wind up causing negative complications or worsening the condition, then you've hindered or hurt rather than healed. But even if you've not done a service but instead you've inadvertantly done a disservice, if the intent was purely to help, there should be no negative karmic fall-out.

• Or if the person you're working on is seriously afflicted with something that's beyond your healing capability, then you are doing something that's of no use and also putting yourself at risk of contracting the either biological disease or spiritual disease/affliction that he/she has.

• Or worse, if the person you're trying to heal is a parasite or disguised energy vampire, you will be drained to some extent of your own vital life force and have your spiritual energy soiled. Every skilled healer who has worked long enough has come across

• it also depends if the patient can afford your services or not. If the subject is someone you've deemed worthy of being helped but cannot pay you, then doing a barter is fine to accommodate, and giving the healing for free is a good charitable act that will "improve your karma," as you put it, and come back to you in a positive way somewhere down the road.

It seems to me you would inprove your karma by helping other for free, you would probably get a return some where down the line and if you enjoy it why not?

• Yes, the basic law of karma, as taught by all the great spiritual leaders and great religions of the world, holds true for all tie--"do good onto others and good will be done onto you":

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you,
do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.
– Matthew 7:12

"(5) The fact that men one experienceth even in the unhappy worlds
of existence (i.e., life on earth) moments of happiness as a direct
outcome of having performed little deeds of mercy while in the human
world showeth the virtue of the Holy Dharma."

XVI. The Ten Virtues of the Holy Dharma,
"Tibetan Yoga & Secret Doctrines"
transl. by W.Y. Evans-Wentz

The Master said:
"To bless means to help. Heaven helps the man who is devoted;
men help the man who is true. He who walks in truth and is devoted
in his thinking, and furthermore reveres the worthy, is blessed by
heaven. He has good fortune, and there is nothing that would not further."

– Confucius, as quote in the I Ching, Book of Changes
to explain the top line of Hexagram #14, "Possession
in Great Measure" that reads:
"He is blessed by heaven.
Good fortune.
Nothing that does not further."

From a buddhist book i have been reading it says a bodhissatva should be prepared to give up everything for some on, even their body...bit extreme imo but is charity not a virtue?
Not extreme. Charity is indeed a great virtue.
One must renounce all in service to humanity in order to gain all--as exemplified by Moses, Christ, the Buddha and others.

*I hope you have misquoted the book that you've been reading--for a Bodhisattva or saint has already given up all and renounced everything material and even health and extended life, in order to attain liberation from the world and the karmic wheel of deaths and rebirths. Your statement above is correct only if you insert the word "aspiring" before "Bodhisattva".

I hope that this clarifies. May I suggest that as you practice FP Qigong that you also study works such as the Bible, the I Ching (the Wilhelm-Baynes translation, especially "The Great Treatise" in the center of the book), "Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines" by W.Y. Evans-Wentz [which I made in 1983 required reading for all of my students] or any other great spiritual work.
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Solo diré que tenía miopía en ambos ojos, desde que comencé a practicar los ejercicios del Maestro Terry Dunn DVD 1 y 2 mi miopía comenzó a retroceder lentamente, hoy estoy por tener visión 20/20.
Tienes que ser constante, ese resultado de curación se producirá muy lentamente pero de forma sostenida y visible.
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This thread as inspired me to get back into this practice.
Over the years, I have been impressed with Sifu Dunn's knowledge and I have seen stress-related symptoms disappear as if I had turned off a faucet with daily practice of the Flying Phoenix Long Form. Years ago, when I was dating a woman that seemed to have "the sight," she made in interesting observation. I never talked to her about any of my practice since she had no interest and also seemed to try to suppress/deny her own gifts. When I would go practice, I would just tell her I would be back after I went to exercise.
One morning I woke with her laughing at me. When I asked why she was laughing, she told me "I can see your aura." Intrigued, I asked her "What color do you see?" She said "Blue. I see a layer of blue light about an inch thick around your skin." I then started laughing at the possibility that she might be detecting possible side effects of my practice. As I laughed, she told me the aura disappeared, which I had expected. I know Sifu Dunn related this phenomenon would tend to be a brief occurrence, if and when it happened.
Now besides the health benefits, I also notice that when I practice this consistently, people tend to "stare" at me. Now this part could be just my own paranoia/delusion, but I could not help notice this other possible side effect (at least for me).
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