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group study Flying Phoenix 2022 Thread

Group study openly invites people to learn and exchange thoughts together based on premises that are always explicitly pointed out, however loose they might be. Any fixed discussion outcomes aren't called for, but the intent is in personal growth and understanding. It's good to keep mindful and respectful of both what is and what isn't relevant for discussion though.


Hello to all FP Qigong practitioners:

Those of you who follow the news no doubt have seen or heard the news today that Britain's Queen Elizabeth's doctors are concerned about her health. She is 96 years old and has sat on the England throne or almost 70 years. The way the news is being presented, "are concerned about the Queen's health" may be the English understated manner of saying that her health is failing and that she may soon pass away.

Thus I want to take a moment to share with you all this one milestone event in Grandmaster Doo Wai's life that brought him to meet and treat Queen Elizabeth--that I might have shared previously on this thread: within the first 3 months of commencing training with GM Doo Wai in Los Angeles in 1991, after I had organized the learning circle/class comprised of friends and colleagues in martial arts who were all instructor level), GM Doo Wai showed me his personal scrapbook. On 2 facing pages, pages were 6 Thank You notes to him from the Ladies in Waiting in Queen Elizabeth's court. Then GM told me that after he had made his harrowing escape from Guangdong to Hong Kong (during which he escaped being murdered by the Red Guards in his home village), he had set up shop in Hong Kong as an herbalist and energy healer, and that his powerful healing work was so effective and profound that he quickly became renowned. So renowned that he came to the attention of the English cognoscenti in the Hong Kong government, who then reported GM Doo Wai's reputation to Buckingham Palace. That resulted in English officials seeking out GM Doo Wai and inviting him to London and Buckingham Palace to minister to Queen Elizabeth's health. (This engagement of GM's services, btw, also reflects the fact that there are [or were then] alchemists in the English court who could discern and recognize who's who and who can do what in the alternative medicine and traditional systems of hygienics of the indigenous cultures throughout the English colonies.)

As it was just at the start of my training with GM Doo Wai when he showed me his scrapbook, I didn't ask him what type of treatments or methods he had rendered for the Queen. But you can be absolutely certain that Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditations ("Fei Feng San Gung" = "Flying Phoenix Spiritual Power") was the currency or cultivated Force that was with him throughout all his healings. I also don't recall in what year this engagement took place, but I believe it was in the late 1960's. But I do attest that I saw the six Thank You notes addressed to him from the Queen's ladies in waiting.

--Grandmaster Doo Wai, 1991

Enjoy--and redouble--your constant efforts to become a channel for the Flying Phoenix Healing Qi.

Sifu Terry Dunn
That’s amazing! Hopefully some of us will be able to do the same in the future, not just for the new King but around the world too!
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Hello everyone,
I’ve began practicing FP 3 days ago and enjoying so far but had a question about optimal practice schedule for a beginner. I’m currently doing all the standing meditations form volume 1 and sitting meditations from volume 2 in a single day. I recently read Sifu Terry Dunn practice instructions where he suggests practicing only 1 standing meditation and 1 sitting meditation at a time to best feel the individual effects.

Is it okay if I continue with my current practice schedule or should I dial it back since I’m only a beginner?
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Earl Grey

Gonzo Daoist and Dharma Punk
Hello everyone,
I’ve began practicing FP 3 days ago and enjoying so far but had a question about optimal practice schedule for a beginner. I’m currently doing all the standing meditations form volume 1 and sitting meditations from volume 2 in a single day. I recently read Sifu Terry Dunn practice instructions where he suggests practicing only 1 standing meditation and 1 sitting meditation at a time to best feel the individual effects.

Is it okay if I continue with my current practice schedule or should I dial it back since I’m only a beginner?

Practice as you like. As long as you can handle the energy of this prolonged practice, there are no problems.
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Earl Grey

Gonzo Daoist and Dharma Punk
The Flying Phoenix Chi Kung for Health DVDs are now getting their first ever price increase since 2011. They will also now only be available to purchase as DVDs (for the time being) rather than digital copies being distributed.

Chi Kung For Health, Volume One: $39.95
Chi Kung For Health, Volume Twk: $39.95
Chi Kung For Health, Volume Three: $49.95
Chi Kung For Health, Volume Four: $49.95
Chi Kung For Health, Volume Five: $49.95
Chi Kung For Health, Volume Seven: $49.95

– SPECIAL OFFER –CHI KUNG FOR HEALTH 5-PAK: $190.00 (save $40)

Other DVDs will also have the following price changes:




Shipping and handling will also be affected:


1 DVD = $22.00

2 DVDs = $25.00

3 DVDs = $ 28.00

4 DVDs = $ 33.00

5 DVDs = $37
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David Hastings Lloyd

Well, well, well ... attending a recent 3-day Taoist Elixir Method + Flying Phoenix Qigong for Health Workshop with Sifu Terry Dunn was long overdue. I'm usually not the type to talk at length about Qigong or Chinese philosophy, so I apologize for the long post; it's kind of a long story.

I have a history with the flying phoenix Qigong that is important to me. I started learning them in 2001 after Jung Shee Doo Wai suggested them. In 1997, I had a major brain injury during a medical procedure that left me paralyzed on my left side, unable to speak and read. I was also in a coma for three days. I was in the process of recovering when Jung Shee Doo Wai and I crossed paths. He gave me many herbal recipes and suggestions, focusing heavily on combining them with food to make me strong again. While I was never officially a student, he gave me Qigong meditations to practice, which I found very helpful. I had about five years' worth of traditional Chinese martial art and Qigong training before my injury, so what I was discovering from Jung Shee regarding the "big picture" of herbs, Qigong, and Taoist philosophy came at the perfect time for me. It was different, but it wasn't a new situation for me.

The smell of a lot of Chinese herbs brings back old memories for me regarding those times. As I healed, I asked Jung Shee about getting deeper into his family's Qigong practices. I could feel the difference, and please recall that I was recovering from a brain injury. So when I would practice Doo family Qigong, I was amazed that it would take away the pain and let me sleep. When your head feels full of mud, and it suddenly becomes clear, it's really noticeable. Jung Shee suggested Sifu Terry's Flying Phoenix instructional videotapes when I asked for more detailed practices. Yes, you heard that right; I said videotapes. So I bought them on VHS tapes and practiced them daily.

A nice side note: this was "meant to be" because I bought them at a small alternative bookstore in Ontario, Canada, that had them in stock and didn't need to order them. They were right there. I even remember what part of the shop. There was very little reason for them to be available to buy other than to say it was fate. I genuinely believe that to be true. Material like this during that time was scarce in such a small place, let alone for it to be that specific.

Jung Shee encouraged the Flying Phoenix meditations because he said they were explicitly for healing energy. He was clear in his explanation that the power/energy they cultivated did not have any martial applications. I needed all the help I could get.

I started by practicing the essential standing meditations, and monk serves wine. Monk serves wine was incredible for me. I've practiced that series for so many years, and it's like an old song that you play to bring fond memories.

With Doo Wai's encouragement, I attended a traditional Chinese medical school and eventually received my Doctor title in traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture. (I have to interject that Jung Shee often stated that what I was learning in traditional Chinese medical (TCM) school was different from what he called "Chinese folk medicine." He said both were good, but they were different. I understand what he meant now.) I've had the chance to teach Chinese medicine integrated with western biochemistry in Hong Kong and South China. I even ended up a peer-reviewer at an Oxford University medical journal for four years. In addition, I teach various continuing education credits for health professionals world wide, focusing on explaining Qigong for clinical applications. Flying phoenix, Sifu Terry, and Jung Shee Doo Wai, really helped me have a remarkable life. They were also a part in me recovering fully from something that should have killed me.

This long story brings me to his recent workshop. I have always wanted to train with Sifu Terry Dunn directly, but the timing never worked out. We've been in touch but are usually on different schedules, coasts, and/or countries. Then Covid happened, and the "powers that be" shut the borders down, and it simply wasn't an option. Soon, however, things changed.

I signed into Facebook one day, and Sifu sent me an invitation to attend via Zoom. I've never done anything like this via Zoom, but I decided to try it. For three days, I attended and practiced alongside the others. It was absolutely fantastic. On Saturday, I got so Shen'd out (spirited) that some of the students noticed it and cheered, "Look at David! He's so shen'd up! Shiny skin and glowing." I replied with a peaceful smile, "Dave's not here man ..."

The combination of the Taoist Elixer Method and Flying Phoenix work really well together. When combined, I could feel how they worked in synergy. This was a new and very welcome feeling.

For me, this experience was many, many years in the making. Yet, I'm grateful to have attended and learned even more about a practice that has helped guide my life over the last twenty years.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon in person in Catskill.
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Sifu Terry Dunn
To all FP Qigong Practitioners and AG subscribers:

Today, October 8, I will be giving free Tai Chi form, FP Qigong and Tao Tan Pai (Taoist Elixir Method) Qigong classes and a kung fu demonstrations as part of the Ashfield Fall Festival in northwestern Massachusetts from 10am to noon and from 2pm to 5pm EST. As I'm certain no FP practitioner live anywhere near Ashfield, all Daobums and Alchemical Garden subscribers are welcome to view these lessons via Zoom.

Below are the Zoom log-on links:

(1) Topic: Ashfield Fall Festival: Free Tai Chi For Health & Qigong Class by Master Terry Dunn (morning session)
Time: Oct 8, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 890 6917 5327
Passcode: 740823

(2) Topic: Ashfield Fall Festival: Free Tai Chi For Health & Qigong Classes with Master Terry Dunn (afternoon session_
Time: Oct 8, 2022 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 848 0789 9880
Passcode: 604361

Bring your lover, mother, and significant others.
Bring your workout shoes.
There will be no lobster.

Sifu Terry Dunn
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Sifu Terry Dunn

2022 FP Workshop Nov. 16-18 FINAL copy.jpg

To all Flying Phoenix Qigong practitioners and curious followers of this thread:

On November 16, 17, and 18, I will be conducting a 14-hour intensive workshop in Ehrmei Mountain Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Qigong that's very suitable for beginners but will be focussed on the intermediate practices of our art. This will be my first FPCK workshop of this year and fifth workshop at the beautiful "Tao Retreat" (Han Chinese Culture Assoc.) at 33 Tao Road in Catskill, NY. The seven 2-hour sessions of this workshop are Zoom-able.
[The information below is also available on my free monthly Newsletter:]

2022 Catskill 7-up composite.jpg

There's qigong and there's qigong. Then there's Flying Phoenix Qigong that differs from all other Yogic arts created in China or India or anywhere else in the world in the way that it so remarkably fulfills the 5 essential functional criteria of any authentic Qigong system--as defined by the late great Master R.K. Shih (italic elaborations are by me):

(1) prevents disease by elevating immune levels;

(2) cures disease and disease symptoms by inducing allostasis without adding stress to the system;

(3) strengthens the body--by, in the words of GM Doo Wai, "bringing all the organ functions under the regulation of the subconscious mind";

(4) improves intelligence and thereby increases longevity (for starters, by developing the mental function of visualization like no other Qigong art); and

(5) develops latent powers (e.g., clairvoyance, clairaudience, remote viewing, distance healing, psychokinesis, kung fu, perception of all forms of energy that are invisible to the consensus reality, etc.) --i.e. If a so-called "qigong" does not develop latent powers, then it is NOT qigong. Period.)

Astonishing and revelatory for most beginners is the common Flying Phoenix Qi phenomenon where the tangibly energizing and rejuvenating effects experienced during a practice session set on again several hours later in an unexpected total-body Qi-envelopment of the most pleasant and sublimely healing nature, thus further corroborating this professional medical assessment:

"Flying Phoenix Qigong practice significantly elevates parasympathetic tone. 90 minutes of practice of this Qigong is restorative in real time and over time afterwards." - Yetsa A. Tuakli-Wosornu, M.D., M.P.H., IOC Dip. Sp. Med. Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale School of Public Health Department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology. June, 2020


The 3-day immersive workshop, November 16 through 18, consists of 7 two-hour sessions with 2 sessions on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday, and 2 on Friday at these times (EST):

Wednesday: 3pm - 5pm; 7:30pm - 9:30pm EST

Thursday: 10am - noon; 2:30pm - 4:30pm; 7:30pm - 9:30pm EST

Friday: 10am - noon; 2:00pm - 4:00pm EST


The goal of this workshop is to help beginning and intermediate FP practitioners reach proficiency in the Long Form Standing Meditation and to introduce them to some of the Advanced Flying Phoenix Meditations—a set of 9 standing moving meditations…as well as to some of 16 advanced seated “Monk Serves Wine” meditations that I have not yet published.

A. Thus each session will review of the Flying Phoenix Qigong meditations presented in the Chi Kung For Health DVD series, with special focus on perfecting the "Moonbeam Splashes On Water" in Volume 3 and the Capstone Long Form Standing Meditation (Vol.4), mastering the five powerful 90-second meditations on Volume 5, and all memorizing the 5 advanced seated meditations on Volume 7 of the DVD series.

All participants are encouraged to practice to the Volumes 3, 4, 5, and 7 of the DVD series prior to the workshop.

B. In addition to reviewing the basic level of the FP Qigong system, I will also teach:

1. Excerpts from Advanced Flying Phoenix Qigong Meditations

Excerpts from Advanced Long Form Seated (Monk Serves Wine) Meditation — consisting of 22 postures.

3. Selections from the 10,000 Buddhas Ascend To Heaven Meditations Systeman esoteric system of martial and healing Qigong consisting of 54 meditations organized into 3 sets of 18.

4. Advanced “Monk Serves Wine” seated Meditations not taught in the DVD series, such as this self-applied acupressure facial massage, repeated 7 times:

C. A 15-minute warm-up module at the start of every class will include: The Silkweaver’s Exercise (valuable for all-levels) and excerpts from Qing Dynasty Imperial Guard Exercises and Taoist Elixir Method Basic 31 Meditations--the latter of which has catalyzing and accelerating effects on Flying Phoenix Qigong cultivation.


$350 early registration
$385 day of workshop
$55 for each of the seven 2-hour sessions


$40 per 2-hour session or $250 for all 7 sessions [Zoom log-on links will be emailed to registrants the day before the workshop begins]

• Please send payment via Paypal (to or via Zelle (to


See postscript below or my Newsletter:
If you have any questions about the workshop, please post here or write to me at:

** Also see recent reviews of my last workshop (Sept. 30) posted on this thread by David Lloyd Hastings on October 8 and by Tao Now on October 16. **

Catskill gorgeous - cropped.jpg

I hope to see many of you at this Pre-Thanksgiving trim-down Flying Phoenix Workshop, which will, as a nice benefit on the side, also teach you how to use FP Qigong to literally vibrate off the lbs. of excess adipose tissue that you might layer on over Thanksgiving!

mitakuye oyasin,

Sifu Terry Dunn

"The vitalities of heaven and earth, sun and moon,
Are fundamentally inherent in our bodies.
If reality and consciousness do not stray from each other,
Creation is always in the palm of your hand."
— Chang Po-Tuan, 11th Century


A. There are 3 rentable rooms at the main event hall at Tao Retreat: One room with bathroom: $350 / day* Two rooms with a shared bathroom: $248 / day*

B. Ten floor beds in the main tea house / event hall: $60 / night*

C. 4 new comfortable trailer rooms with sofa-beds for up to 4 people: $250/night*; $50 for additional person.*

*Room or floor bed rent includes each day’s meals.


2 excellent meals each day (authentic Xichuan cuisine for lunch and dinner) plus one smoothie or light soup before sleep. • Meals are included with room or floor bed rentals • Meal plan for non-residents: $50 per day.

TO MAKE ROOM AND/OR MEAL PLAN RESERVATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT Yurong 豫容 Julia Li 李 at: or Tel: (917) 828-0731

The town of Catskill is convenient 14 minutes away by car (8.5 miles) has plenty of comfortable bed & breakfast inns, motels and resorts in and around the nearby town of Catskill such as Wolff's Maple Breeze Resort:


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